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6 Tips For Moving When You Have Kids

moving with kids

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Moving can indeed be tiresome and when children come into the picture, the level of stress is unimaginable. Hiring a relocation service can ease off a lot of your stress but you still have to prepare your kids for the ‘move’. Children form strong attachments to their belongings – be it their home, their room, toys, etc., and hence it is important that you prepare them for the big day. We offer a few tips that can help you with moving when you have kids:

Hold a family meeting:

Gather your kids at one place and let them know about your decision to move. You don’t have to sound serious while breaking the news to them. Order their favourite food and make the announcement fun, such that the excitement rubs off onto them as well! Not only will they revel in some good family time but this will also make them feel important and as much a part of the decision-making as the elders.

Host a “see-you-soon” party:

It is much more difficult for a child to adjust to a new environment and make new friends compared to an adult. So, in order that your kids don’t lose touch with their old friends, host a see-you-soon party for them. This will not only motivate them to stay connected with their old pals but also make them excited about meeting new people.

Let them pack a special suitcase – moving

Letting children pack their favourite books and toys in a special suitcase will make it less likely to incite a tantrum from them, consequently making it easier for you to concentrate on various aspects of the shifting process.

Allow them to decorate their new rooms:

Most kids have a creative instinct and like to decorate their own rooms as it is a means of self-expression. So, allow your kids to choose the décor and arrange their belongings the way they want to!

Explore the neighbourhood together:

Exploring the neighbourhood – the playgrounds, the ice-cream shops, and candy stores can be a delightful experience for the kids. It helps them appreciate the new things and also find similarities between their old home and new abode!

Help them make new friends:

The greatest fear a child has when ‘moving’ is that he/she may not be able to make new friends. Dispel their fear by taking an active role in introducing them to other kids. Signing them up for activities such as a soccer camp can help them meet kids their age. Also, hosting a house-warming party can be a perfect way to meet new people and forge friendships.

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