Unique Checklist for Removalists Caulfield Melbourne

My Moovers are the top Removalists Caulfield Melbourne. Our team of experienced and fleet-footed employees makes sure that the shifting process for our clients is as smooth as possible. The glowing reviews dedicated to us are proof to our hard-work, professionalism, and commitment.

It’s time to let go off all your ‘moving’ worries because My Moovers, the best Removalists Caulfield Melbourne have come out with the ultimate moving checklist to help you stay organized throughout the entire process of relocation.

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8 Weeks before You Move – Removalists Caulfield Melbourne

  • Store quotes, receipts, and records related to your move on a file/folder on Google drive.
  • Set a moving budget.
  • To get rid of unwanted stuff.

6 Weeks before You Move

  • Order Packing Supplies: Packing supplies such as bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, specialty containers etc should be purchased. My Moovers, the best removals in Caulfield Melbourne offer a wide range of packing supplies from cartons to packing tapes and portarobes.
  • Before your belongings could go on the moving truck, you should create an inventory sheet of
    all your valuables.
  • Taking pictures of all your electronics before unplugging them is a good way to jog your memory
    when you’re reconnecting things such as your TV or stereo!
  • Research your new neighbourhood/community to find shared interests.

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4 Weeks before You Move – Removalists Caulfield Melbourne

  • All financial and legal records should be gathered in one place.
  • Collect the birth certificates and passports for every member of your family.
    Return the books you borrowed from the library.

2 weeks before you Move

  • Corrosive, flammables or poisonous items should be disposed off.
  • Have your membership at the gym, yoga studio, crossfit facility etc cancelled or transferred.
    Get your utilities such as water, electricity and natural gas transferred.

The week you move

  • Unplug your fridge and freezer so that it can defrost the night before.
  • All the water should be drained out from your washing machine and ice maker.


With 20 years of experience as professional removalists, My Moovers are skilled at handling all kinds of moves. Owing to our expertise, commitment, and dedication towards our work, we have consistently ranked as one of the best relocation services in Melbourne surroundings & Removalists Caulfield Melbourne. We hope to continue to provide our clients with the most hassle-free moving experience possible.

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