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Moving is in itself a stressful activity but when your dog comes into the picture, the whole situation becomes a lot more complicated. My Moovers, the best Furniture Removalists Interstate Melbourne, have come up with a list of tips to help you move smoothly with your best friend:


When relocating with a dog, especially to a new state, you should check for vaccination requirements for your dog. All their vaccinations should be up to date. Also, you should secure a copy of their vet records as you would need them to register your pooch at the new vet clinic. It is advised that you start the process early if in case a course of vaccinations is required.


Before you could move into your new abode, make sure that your dog is microchipped or have the microchipping company records updated with your new address just for safety reasons. If you have concerns about your dog running away while it gets used to the new surrounding, buy an extendable leash.

Plan your move date:- furniture removalists interstate

If fireworks and noise cause discomfort for your dog, then plan your move around a date that is not close to a celebration such as New Year.

Check out your new backyard:

Scan your new home for any escape routes that your pal might find. You will then have time to purchase any materials to fix things or hire someone to do it for you before your dog arrives at his new home.

Keep routines:

There are so many activities that you are occupied with, while in the process of shifting that your dog can get easily neglected. So, it is important that you try to stick to the same routine with your pooch – feeding him regularly, taking him out for walks etc.

Signs of dog anxiety:

If your dog has a loss of appetite or begins to whimper or whine a lot, it could mean that your dog may be suffering from anxiety. In such a case, you should immediately consult your vet who would most probably prescribe some calming drugs for your dog.

Prepare a dog room for the moving day:

The commotion of the moving day can induce anxiety in your dog. To keep him away from all the hustle and bustle, it is best that you prepare a room for your dog for the moving day. Fill it with their favourite toys and bedding. This would make the moving day seem perfectly normal to your pooch.

My Moovers are the best furniture removalists interstate Melbourne. With an army of genial, fleet-footed removalists and a convoy of 18 trucks, they make relocation extremely smooth and hassle-free for their patrons. Contact them at 1300 229 172 today to get a free moving quote.

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