Checklist for Furniture Removalists Ballarat Suburbs Melbourne

It’s time to let go off all your ‘moving’ worries because My Moovers, the best Furniture Removalists Ballarat, Melbourne have come out with the ultimate moving checklist to help you stay organized throughout the entire process of relocation.

  • 8 Weeks Before – Furniture Removalists Ballarat

  1. Sort: Look into every drawer for the things that you wish to take along with you.
  2. Purge: Donate items that you do not want through a yard or a garage sale.
  3. Contact Your Children’s School: The school that your kids go to should be notified of your move and your children’s records should be obtained.
  • 6 Weeks Before:

  1. Contact Your Doctors: Make sure that you obtain the medical records of all the members of your family from your doctor and find a new physician.
  2. Contact Insurance Agents: It is important that you find out if your move will bring about changes in your medical, dental, vehicle or personal property insurance.
  • 4 Weeks Before:

  1. Start Packing: We recommend that you start with items that you use occasionally such as pool toys. Items that are used frequently such as toothbrush, bed linen etc should be packed at the last. Fragile items such as framed artwork, pictures and glassware should be packed separately.
  2. Label: Pick up a black marker and label each box so that you know what it contains. This helps in preventing damage to your belongings. For instance, an unlabeled box of heavy items when placed on top of fragile glassware may cause the latter to break into pieces.
  3. Contact Utility Companies: Existing utilities should already be instructed to disconnect the services the day after you move. Similarly, new utilities should be directed to install the services, a day before you arrive to your new home.
  • 2 Weeks Before:

  1. Clear Out: Storage units should be emptied and waste boxes should be safely deposited.
  2. Take Time Off: Evaluate how many days or time will you need for the move and request for leaves accordingly.
  3. Pay it forward: While packing, do not forget to collect warranty information and manuals for the new dwellers.

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