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Handy Tips For Packing Electronics From The Expert Melbourne & Sydney Removalists

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Packing electronic items can be extremely challenging because of their susceptibility to damage. This is why My Moovers, the best moving company in Melbourne, have come up with a few tips to help you with the packing of electronic items and related devices:

Back up all your electronic files:

Make a copy of the files which you would not be able to do without if you were to lose them. In order to keep all your precious files safe, use memory sticks, external data storage, email or internet-based secure data storage facilities. A good way to ensure their safety is to back them up at two different locations.

Photograph and label all the cables and corresponding connections:

Colour code the cables and terminals. It is highly advisable that you do an additional detailing of which device the cables belong to. So, in the end, you should have a coloured label at each end of the cable – colour-coded with connectors and a label that clearly states which device the cable belongs to.

Remove the Ink cartridges from printers, batteries, disconnect cables and bag each component’s connections together:

Once all your cables have been labelled, you should disconnect them and then wrap and secure them with elastic bands or food bag ties so that those inevitable tangles can be prevented. Place the cables in a bag together but make sure to pack them with their respective devices. Once this has been done, they can be safely packed into moving boxes. My Moovers, the best house removals in Melbourne provide a range of packing supplies from boxes to cartons and portarobes to help you pack to perfection. You need to ensure that when inside the boxes, their movement is restricted so that the devices they are packed with are prevented from damage.

Pack devices into manufacturers’ original packing boxes if available:

This is perhaps the best way to ensure the safe transportation of your precious electronics, especially if the foam protectors that come with the boxes have not been discarded.

Assemble packing materials if you do not have the original packing:

Three-ply cardboard boxes will be needed as they are sturdy. Make use of plenty of blankets or paper to fill any spaces in the packing boxes to restrict the movement of the contents while they are being transported.

My Moovers, the best house removals in Melbourne, can help you with your packing activities. To know more about them, call at 1300 229 172.

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