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Handy Tips For Packing Plants From The Expert Melbourne Movers

how to transport plants across country

Melbourne movers, If you happen to reside in a house which has a garden, then, besides the plants inside the home, you would probably have a number of garden plants or even small shrubs that you’d absolutely love to take along with you to the new residence. If you’re an apartment-dweller, then it’s your beautiful potted plants that you would be most worried about. Here are a few tips by My Moovers – Melbourne Movers, the best house relocation services in Melbourne to help you with the process of packing plants:

  • My Moovers, the most affordable house removalists, have a wide array of packing supplies such as cartons, boxes, tapes, boxes, etc to fulfil your every packing need. So, they can provide you with strong cardboard boxes which can then be used for transporting small potted plants. Use the tape to reinforce their bottoms on the outside and place packing on the inside for added protection.
  • Now, in order that your plants get sufficient air, My Moovers, the most trustworthy house relocation services, suggest that you poke holes on the lid and the sides of each packing box.
  • If you wish to move some garden plants, shrubs, or even a sapling, then the most timely house removalists in Melbourne, My Moovers, suggest you dig it up together with its root system. You would have to water the plant and then dig a circle around it so that the plant could be removed with the entire root ball intact. You can do it by using a shovel and digging a ring around the plant and then pulling it out carefully by preserving both the thinner and thicker roots. The entire root should then be placed in a plastic bag and care should be taken such that the moisture level of the system remains the same till the end of the journey. Water should be added if necessary. My Moovers, the best house relocation services in Melbourne, can provide you with plenty of bubble wrap for that added cushioning
  • Wrap the clay pots in a damp packing paper which My Moovers, the most cost-effective house removalists can provide you with and then place one sheet of dry packing paper over the moist layer. Plastic pots should be wrapped in dry packing only which can be provided to you by the best house relocation services.
  • Now, place the packages (Pack Plants for Moving) into boxes and label them correctly before your house removalists could load them into the packing trucks.

My MooversMelbourne Movers, the best house relocation services in Melbourne have a team of expert removalists who can assist you with packing your plants or any other items. Contact them at 1300 229 172 to get a fixed price quote!!!

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