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4 Essential Packing Tips To Know Of Before Moving Your Furniture By The Best Furniture Removalists

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Moving can be exciting and at the same time daunting and stressful task. Packing furniture is one of the major components of any move. You need to have the right packing materials, wrap them carefully and ensure they reach your destination without damage.

Hiring professional furniture movers when you decide to move is a smart choice. The movers and packers know how to prepare furniture for moving as well as disassembling larger items for compact packing. Furniture movers handle fragile items with extra care and protection.

4 essential packing tips to know before moving your furniture

1. Decide what you have to move

Furniture removals are difficult and especially if you have a lot of large pieces of furniture. Disassemble items that will not fit through doorways or a narrow staircase. Take apart fragile or valuable items as it is easy to move in pieces.

  • You will have to put the pieces of furniture back together again. Take pictures to record each step of the process will help you in referring.
  • You will have to put the pieces of furniture back together again. Take pictures to record each step of the process will help you in referring.

2. Disassemble the large items first

Furniture removalists start by removing all the parts which include table legs, glass tops, shelves and bed frames. This is the most time-consuming process.

  • Movers and packers remove the cushions and turn the sofa onto its back. Unscrew the legs and pack all the parts separately to move the heavy items easily.
  • Remove the bottom and back seat of the chair and wheels as well, if possible to avoid the breakdown.
  • To disassemble a table, unscrew legs and remove bolts with the help of a screwdriver. Pack them in a separate clearly labelled bag.

3. Wrap and protect your furniture

To protect your furniture, wrap them carefully with pads or blankets. You can use old blankets or rent from the furniture movers. Ensure to cover the top and bottom of the item to avoid any damage.

  • If the legs are not removable, secure them with the padding and the plastic wrap.
  • For a long-distance move, plastic wrap will keep the dirt from getting to your furniture.

4. Load heavy furniture first on the moving truck

If you load all the heavy items on one side of the truck, it could be difficult to steer the truck. Professional Furniture removalists know how to spread the weight evenly throughout the truck.

  • Place the heavy items against the wall for easy access during loading and unloading.
  • Place mirrors and pictures between 2 mattresses for extra protection and padding.
  • Place the couches and sofas vertically from the arm side as they occupy a lot of floor space.
  • Tie-down your furniture with straps to secure them from bumping against each other.

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