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Moving your valuable possessions from one home to another is not an easy job. The packing, the loading, transportation and unloading of the items to the new residence are tasks a bit too overwhelming (and challenging). However, hiring professional removalists can ease off a lot of your burden. Here’s what you should expect from your moving company

Visual in-home inspection:

Your furniture removalists would pay a visit to your home for a visual inspection. After having had a look at the household items that you wish to take along with you to the new home and evaluating any risks or difficulties involved in the process, they would quote a price. Make sure that your home is surveyed in before the house removals could issue a price estimate.

Packing:- moving company

Good furniture removalists are equipped with plenty of packing supplies. They are also well-versed in ways that would make the process of packing smoother and faster.

Disassembly and reassembly of furniture:

In case you take it upon yourself to move some of the heavier furniture, your Melbourne furniture removalists would help you disassemble the huge furniture pieces and pack them to safety. And, once your belongings have been delivered at the new residence, they would help you reassemble the furniture in the exact locations/places where you want them to be in your new abode.


Your furniture removalists will ferry your belongings to the new address – that is a given! In case of a local relocation, you can expect your belongings to reach your new home on the same day but if the location happens to be long-distance or interstate, it can take your movers a day extra to deliver your belongings to your new residence.


Moving companies usually come with a storage facility wherein items that cannot be transported at the immediate level can be safely kept.

Removalists from My Moovers, a reputed moving company in Melbourne, usually conduct an in-house survey, before quoting a price. They have a wide range of packing material from tapes to cartons and portarobes to help you pack to perfection. You can expect them to transport your belongings locally and interstate. They also have a storage facility where you can safely store your belongings. You can call them at 1300 229 172 for more details.

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