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The mammoth task that is moving can be extremely unnerving. In order to avoid a chaotic moving day, the best Bayside Removalists Melbourne, My Moovers, offer you a number of tips to stay organized.

Get organized early:

Do not leave anything for the last minute. Unless you have to leave in a hurry, chances are that you would have a month or two to plan your move. Create a to-do list and start working at it.

Keep your movers in the loop:

It is important that you communicate your requirements and expectations to your moving company so that they exactly know the size of (moving) trucks and the number of removalists required for the shifting process. My Moovers, the best removalists in Melbourne are armed with an army of fleet-footed professional removalists and a convoy of 18 trucks which are well-equipped to handle any situation and accommodate all-size moves.

Pick the right transportation:

In keeping with the statement made above, it is necessary that you pick the right transportation. If you’re moving a shorter distance, a single trip may suffice. So, pick the right size of the truck that can cart your belongings in one go. Choosing the right size of the truck becomes even more important for longer distances as making several trips could lead to problems.

Seize the opportunity to purge:

Moving offers a great opportunity to organize your items and get rid of the ones that are unwanted. By holding a moving (yard/garage) sale or donating to charity, you can get rid of the items that are no longer of use to you.

Put together a packing kit:

If there are more people involved in the packing, try to stay organized by establishing a system. Hand out blank sheets to each person and ask them to fill in the tasks they completed so that the process of packing can be streamlined. Provide each packer with a pen, black marker, boxes and other packing materials.

Green your move:

A great deal of waste is generated on moving day such as cardboard, bubblewrap and newspaper. Opt for reusable plastic bins for the items that you would be eventually storing once you’ve moved in. Label them before you could place them into closets and cupboards.

Take inventory:

Inventory your home – having a record of all your household items is beneficial if something goes missing. Keep a spreadsheet of the contents of each box and assign each box a number. Make sure that you write the number on each side of the box.

Find out your condo rules:

Pulling up to the front door and loading all your boxes onto an elevator is much easier than moving into a condo. Some condos, for instance, do not allow move-ins on Sundays so don’t forget to check the moving policy before scheduling your moving day.

Be ready for your movers – Bayside removalists

Be ready for your movers when they arrive. Just as you wouldn’t want to wait upon your Bayside Removalists Melbourne, your movers would appreciate if you’re ready when they arrive at your door. If you do happen to keep your movers waiting, be ready to pay extra charges for the waiting period.

Protect your valuables:

Look for a safe place to store your valuables on a moving day. My Moovers, the best removalists in Melbourne, have an excellent storage system where you can safely keep your valuables.

Hook up essential services:

Make sure that you understand the process of transfer of utility bills such as gas, water and electricity from the previous owner to you. Also, talk to them about having your phone line, cable and internet working properly.

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