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Contrary to the common notion, hiring a Cheap Removalist or Furniture Movers or ‘packers and movers’ can actually cost you a lot more. There are a number of reasons to support the statement made above:

Not a certified company

Many people are conned by moving companies claiming to offer relocation services at a very low price. When things are looked into, it turns out to be that such companies are not certified. Hiring a certified company which may demand a little more from your pocket is better than being tricked by a scam company.

Very low estimates without house inspection

A lot of cheap packers and movers will often quote a very low price initially and that too without house inspection. As the deal comes to closure, this price becomes double or triple the amount quoted in the beginning causing people a lot of distress. Therefore, always make sure that you get a moving company to quote only when they have inspected your house.

Hidden extra charges

Cheap removalists often have hidden extra charges which they do not reveal until the day of moving. They use this tactic to rob their patrons of a lot of their money and many fraudulent companies actually succeed at doing so. Companies such as My Moovers offer a fixed quote which means that you won’t be hit by a surprise on the day of moving.

Not an insured company

Cheap packers and movers are often not insured which means that if anything were to go wrong, they won’t be able to pay you back. So, always make sure that you hire an insured moving company.

Unprofessionalism – company services

This is one of the easiest giveaways of a fraudulent company. Melbourne Furniture removalists (My Moovers) companies offering services at a cheap price have often been found to have unprofessional, inexperienced and rude staff. Such companies also do not have a proper business address, business email, visiting cards, etc which can raise serious questions about them being a licensed company as well!

Much longer to move you

Such companies have inexperienced transient workers who are slow-paced and take a lot of time to move their belongings. Time lost is money wasted. So, check on the moving or cheap removalist company’s background when hiring for relocation.


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