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Moving house or finding House Mover in Sydney is always a challenge. While moving, there is a possibility of damage to your belongings. This can happen anytime during packing, transporting and unpacking. Therefore, it’s important to plan your move smartly. It is advisable to hire expert furniture removalists. My Moovers, professional movers in Sydney will supply proper removalist boxes and the movers will load and unload the truck carefully and systematically, to avoid any accidental damages.


If you are looking for a cheapest removalist to move bulky or special items or just regular furniture, contact My Moovers. We provide direct door to door furniture removalist service at affordable moving rates. You do not have to compromise on your budget for quality removal services. We not only provide the cheapest removalist rates in Sydney, but we service all interstate removals in Australia and have a large fleet of trucks, vans and equipment to fit and protect your items during transit.


Benefits of hiring My Moovers, the best house mover in Sydney:

Trained and Experienced House Movers

When moving houses, it is important to arm yourself with the expertise of professional movers. Hiring a truck and doing it yourself can be demanding especially when you need to lift heavy and fragile items. Our team of movers in Sydney are trained, professional and experienced.

Provide customised Services

At My Moovers we understand every move is challenging and different. We will work with you and come up with the best process. Our movers will find the perfect solution and are highly skilled furniture removalist; whether it is moving a piano downstairs to craning pool tables off balconies.

Professional House Movers saves your Time

Using professional movers will eventually save a lot of time and make your move stress–free. Time is limited especially when moving the day of a settlement. At My Moovers we can send a professional house mover in Sydney to view your property in advance to determine how long the move will take and ensure that you are able to move in a set time-frame.

Moving and Packing Supplies for Moving

My Moovers can provide all your moving and packing supplies from removalist boxes, portarobes, mattress covers to packing tape. You can find our wide range of moving and packing supplies online and can be conveniently deceived to your home prior to your move.

Cheapest Removalists or Cheap House Movers in Sydney

Moving rates depends on various factors. Distance is the main factor in moving rates. Whether it is a local move, state to state removals or interstate removals throughout Australia. It is usually based on hours or distance to be travelled. My Moovers offer a flat rate option and standard hourly rate options. Moving rates also varies on the basis of the amount being transported. Always get a proper written quote so there are no surprises. My Moovers prides themselves on being the cheapest removalist and the most trusted house movers in Sydney.


Consider the following important aspects while selecting the right movers in Sydney. Undertaking a mover who is unskilled and incompetent might lead to damage of important expensive items during the removal process. Choose My Moovers for reliable quality service at the cheapest removalist rates. We are a team of professional movers holding years of experience in house relocation and handle each item with the utmost care and responsibility.

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