House Movers Dandenong Suburbs Melbourne with 18 Trucks

The best house movers Dandenong, My Moovers, provide you with a list of tips to help you pack to perfection.


House Movers Dandenong

Packing Tips by the Best House Movers Dandenong

  • Dig through all your items and sort them so that anything that is no longer of use to you can be discarded. This would make it easier for your house movers to pack your furniture and also save you a lot of money on your moving day.
  • Remove the sheets off beds and dissemble beds, if required.
  • Scan the house for any rugs, floor mats and carpets. Once you’ve been able to spot them, roll them up with the help of stick tapes to ensure that they don’t come undone.
  • Check your microwave and other white goods for loose glass shelves. Make sure that you pack them in boxes or bubble wrap them as it will save your house movers time.
  • Sort through all your clothes in your wardrobe. Pack all your folded clothes into standard furniture removalists boxes and all your hanging clothes into portarobes. This will prevent your clothes from getting creases.

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  • Pack all the fragile kitchen items into cartons with crushed butcher paper in between every layer to prevent breakages and make the contents secure.
  • Pictures and mirrors should be removed from the walls and wrapped in a bubble wrap. This would save you and your house movers a lot of time on the moving day.
  • All electrical items such as TV, computer, modem etc., should be disconnected and packed into boxes. Once this has been done, roll all the chords up to make sure that they are not hanging off from the items. A good way to keep them in place is by taping them, zip tying or bundling them in a loop knot.
  • Make sure that you get all your lamps off bedside tables and pack them neatly into boxes.
  • The washing machine should be disconnected and all the water hoses should be placed inside it.
  • It is recommended that you check for parking from the local authorities. You do not want to get into trouble later. You should also do a survey of the driveway or street on your own. In case there are overgrown bushes, you can do a quick trim to make space for the moving trucks.

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