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Need a House Relocation Company in Melbourne?

House Relocation Company in Melbourne?

6 Tips for House Relocation Melbourne to New State

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My Moovers, house relocation Melbourne, offer you a range of relocation services – from packing to moving and storing your belongings. We started off from humble beginnings but quickly became Melbourne’s go-to house removalists. Time’s a strange entity – while yesterday we were a small unit, today we pride ourselves at having expanded our fleet to a number where we can handle any situation and accommodate all-size moves!


My Moovers, the best house relocation Melbourne, offer you the following tips for a smooth interstate move…


Set up a Moving Budget for House Relocation Melbourne:

When you set up a moving budget or learn 6 Simple and Easy Ways to Reduce Moving Costs, you can monitor your expenses better and also make sure that you don’t overspend.


Inventory Your Entire Home:

While in the process of relocating to a new state, we recommend that you inventory your home first. Then, sit down and make a list of items (to packing and you need removalist supplies) that you would like to take to your new residence. It is important for you to be pragmatic and sensible when deciding which items you need to take to your new abode as money is involved here.


Remove any Excess Items:

Removal of excess items makes it to our moving interstate checklist. Relocating becomes a lot easier when unwanted items are disposed off. By holding a yard sale or a garage sale, you can easily get rid of the unwanted clutter. What may be ‘garbage’ to you may be ‘gold’ to someone else. Donating to charity is perhaps the best way by which your ‘clutter’ can be put to good use.


Obtain Medical Records:

Moving to a new state would mean that you will have to look for a new family physician. So, it is important that you obtain the medical records of yourself and your family from your current physician in order that a new doctor can be registered with after you relocate to the new state.


Change Your Address and Cancel Any Services:

You will have a different address the moment your moving day comes to an end. So, make sure that your address is changed well in advance. Also, don’t forget to cancel any home delivery services, if you have placed an order.


Transfer the Home Utilities:

A brand new home not only means having a new address but also a number of utilities such as electricity, water, gas, phone service, cable service, TV etc. Therefore, before you could move out, you should contact the corresponding center and schedule a disconnection of utilities at your current home and a reconnection at your new residence, just a few days prior to the moving day.


My Moovers, the best furniture movers and house relocation Melbourne, can show you how the grass is greener. Our team of fleet-footed employees makes sure that each and every aspect of your relocation is handled with utmost care and expertise. We have a fleet of 18 trucks which can accommodate all-size moves. Regardless of the size and the number we have expanded to, we continue to be locally owned and operated. Our moving service includes everything from packing to storing. So, if you’re searching for a moving company or Removalists Melbourne asap.

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