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8 Tips to Pack Bathroom for Moving

My Moovers, the best house relocation services Melbourne have listed out the following steps to make the process of packing a bathroom easy and hassle-free. People may think that packing a bathroom may be easy but the reality is far from that. There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of when packing bathroom supplies.

1. Pack Bathroom Bags:

Packing a bathroom bag is a straightforward process. You should include at least one toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste, a bottle of shampoo, soap or shower gel, shaving accessories within the bathroom bag.


2. Line and Pad Your Boxes – House Relocation Services

The next step in the process of packing your bathroom supplies is lining up the bottom of the boxes with packing paper which would serve as the first layer of protection. Then, place a bathroom towel over the packing paper to create a double layer of protection within the cardboard boxes for all your items.


3. Protect Extra Fragile Bathroom Items:

If you ever decide to take the bathroom mirror with you, wrap it with soft packing paper and then place custom-cut pieces of thick cardboard on top. Next, tape those pieces over the mirror to keep it intact. Finally, bubble-wrap the entire mirror to prevent any damage. Make sure that you use packing paper and bubble-wrap to protect the glass and other delicate items.


4. Pack Bathroom Liquids with Care:

It is tricky to pack a bathroom for moving as it is always full of half-empty (or half-full!) bottles of liquids. You should do your best to avoid bad spills and leaks during a move and the best way to do so is by using zippered plastic bags or plastic wraps. You need to first open a half-empty bottle, place a plastic wrap on its opening and then tighten back its lid – this would prevent any leaks. Place each opened bottle into a zippered plastic bag for extra protection.

5. Take Care of Your Toiletries:

Use toiletry bags to pack various toiletries. If you do not have such bags, then wrap each toiletry piece in clean packing paper and then finish the packing with sheets of plastic wrap for extra protection.

6. Use the Padding of Towels and Washcloths:

You can use your bath towels, washcloths and shower curtains to pad cardboard boxes that contain fragile items.


7. Keep Medicines Close By:

When packing your bathroom, make sure that you pack your prescription medicines and first aid supplies in the essentials box.


8. Label All Bathroom Boxes:

Once you are done with packing your supplies into boxes, it is important that you label them. Labelling the boxes will help you identify the bathroom items more quickly once you relocate to your new abode. You need to remember that unpacking the bedroom and the bathroom should be your first priority once you reach your new home.

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