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“We are moving to our new home!” It is always a great feeling when you purchase a new home or move to a new place. Your excited to let everyone know but as the day gets closer reality sets in and a heap of tasks and cost associated with it start piling up. In this blog, we will help ease some of the questions around removing companies’ cost.

The cost of removal companies are complex and depend on many factors. Every house move is different and depends on the number of services you require, depending upon the final costs. Before deciding on a removal company, you need to understand the services and cost involved, as it varies from a removal company to a removal company in Melbourne.

It is important to know what you are getting in return for your money. Every local removal company in Melbourne will move your things, but what does that all include? Do they offer packing/unpacking services? Storage facilities if required? Will they assemble or disassemble any furniture required? Do they provide boxes and packing materials? The list goes on.

The best advice is to do your research and go in with a clear view of what services you require and a budget.

My Moovers specialises in professional home removals in Melbourne. We are experts in furniture removals, packing services, and safely moving your items, whether you move across town or interstate.

We provide all sizes of vehicles, tools and protective equipment to ensure your move goes smoothly. With our wide variety of sized trucks which are fully insured, we can organise any size move. Along with your home removals, we can also help with packing services, removals and storage by organising your valuables before the big move.

We ensure that nothing is forgotten and go above and beyond to ensure a smooth move every time. If you are only looking for furniture removals, we also provide a low-cost solution for the simplest of removals.

My Moovers believes that the job of a local removal company in Melbourne should be moving items from one place to another and providing superior services. These services include storage facilities if required, furniture disassembling / assembly, packing/unpacking services, and providing a wide variety of packing supplies for your convenience.

So next time you are searching in Google for local removal companies near me or furniture removals near me, My Moovers prides itself on being of the most affordable and well rounded local removal companies in Melbourne. Our fixed or hourly rate always includes two men and a truck to get the job done faster.

As we know, the cost of removal companies varies depending on the moving situation. Here are a few factors that determine the removal costs and how to avoid costly moves:


The main factor in the cost of home removals in Melbourne is the amount or volume of items you plan to move. This determines the size of the truck and the loading time. So you don’t get any nasty surprises, ensure you properly assess how much you have and be clear with the removal company about what is required to move.

Ease of Access

If there are any access issues such as stairs, elevators, parking restrictions, multiple levels, or a low overhead garage, a large vehicle cannot get into. All need to be noted with the removal company.

These factors all increase moving time or special equipment to aid in the move. You will need to notify the removal company Melbourne of any access issues at your current home. Your new home may affect the cost the removal companies will quote.

Distance / Time

The transportation cost is determined by distance/time from point A to B. To help with overall moving costs, map out the best way to get to point A to B and move during low traffic times.

Moving Date

The day of the week can play an important role as this can greatly affect the price you pay for your move. Weekends and holidays may increase the cost of some removal companies quotes as they might have a surcharge. So try being flexible when choosing a moving date if you can.

Services of Local Removal Company

If you require packing/unpacking or dismantling and assembling of furniture, these are all additional charges on your bill. So you are well planned on moving day, ensure you ask your local removal company what is included and what is not.

Special Items

Items which require special attention or protection, which includes antiques, pianos, pool tables, etc., are tricky to move and take time, special care and extra packing and wrapping materials. Mentioning these items with your future removal company is vital in the overall cost.

Only Move what you Need

Get rid of everything that you don’t use or need by selling or donating it. There is no need to pay to move things that you someday intend to get rid of or don’t use anymore. The less you need to move, the cheaper the cost of removals will be.

Skills and Insurance

Melbourne’s local removal company does not require any formal skills; however, look for reviews, ask a friend for a referral, and look into how long they have been in business. You can also ask the local removal company for proof of insurance to ensure your belongings will be safe and insured in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Ensuring you are working with a reputable, professional local removal company will ensure a smooth move.

In conclusion, since the removal costs are affected by many factors and depend on your needs, the best advice is to be clear with the removal companies and get multiple quotes. This will allow you to determine the price that matches your needs and budget.

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