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How to hire moving home company in sydney

How to Hire Moving Home Company in Sydney

Your moving home specialist in Sydney and Interstate for all your removals and storage needs.

Are you needing to move? Before starting with packing, it is important to have a concrete plan for a smooth move. The first part of the plan should be to hire a reputable moving company in Sydney.

You can Google ‘moving company in Sydney’ and search results will display the names of many moving companies. So, how to choose the best removalists in Sydney among the result that you can trust with your belongings?

Here are some of the tips you should consider when hiring a mover.

Firstly, reputation is very important when choosing a removalists in Sydney. This will save you time and money. A great reputation equals great service.


Other Factors to Consider:-

Determine the Distance of Your Move:

If you are relocating interstate, hire an interstate removalists in Sydney who specializes in interstate removals. If you are relocating within Sydney then a local moving company will be fine.


Get Recommendations:

Ask your friends, co-workers, and family if they are aware or have previously used a removalists in Sydney before. If someone you know had a good experience with a mover, enquire more about them and see if they fit your requirement.


Check the Reviews Online:

Research moving home companies in Sydney online and check their reviews and ratings. There are plenty of platforms such as the companies Facebook page, product reviews, etc that will give you all this information and more.


Ask Local Real Estate Agents:

Real Estate Agents have plenty of contacts so call a few agents and ask for a recommendation for a moving company in Sydney that they have experience with or have assisted their customers.


How Many Movers do they Provide/Size of Truck:

Always ask how many movers they will provide as moving takes time and can require two men vs only one as larger items one person cannot move alone. If only moving boxes then one person may be sufficient however with furniture, the removalists company should always provide two men and a truck suitable for all your belongings in one load.


Look in the Phone Book for Removalists:

Use a local phone book directory to search for the potential removalists in Sydney The listed companies will have their addresses and are less likely to scam you than the ones that don’t list their address.


Search Online Carefully:

Search for ‘moving company’ or ‘removalists’ with the name of your city or area but be careful about online scams. Never enter your personal details or pay a fee for accessing the website.


Visit the Company’s Website:

The name of the company website can be easily found online. Check the website to get relevant details about the movers. The website should provide-

  • The company’s full name
  • The address of the moving company in Sydney
  • Contact information
  • Services they provide


Estimating a Price:-

  1. Call at least 2 to 3 Sydney removalists to get quotes for moving home services. If you are moving interstate, ask the removalists to provide a detailed cost, so that you can plan your budget accordingly.
  2. Ask for an on-site estimate: If you have a large house and a lot of belongings reputable Moving Home companies in Sydney can send an expert to evaluate your belongings and will check any obstacles that would pose any complications or add to the time it would take for the move. After this, the removalists then can give a proper estimate cost for your move.
  3. Inquire about all the extra charges: Understand in detail what you are being charged for and what the removals service includes. Ask the moving company for a detailed quote to what all is included in the quote and what is not included.


It is always advisable to hire a professional moving home company to handle your entire move from beginning to end. With so many removalists claiming to be the best, it’s difficult to decide whom to trust with your belongings. Researching the companies, asking a few questions, not only enlightens you about the moving company but also prepare you for moving day.


Based on your research, you might have shortlisted some of the removalists based on cost and that also meet your needs but not 100% sure yet whom to choose. If you want a removals service company in Sydney based on 5-star rating, affordability, experience- then choose My Moovers.


My Moovers is one of the best removalists and furniture removalists in Sydney. We can do everything from packing, assembling and disassembling furniture, removals, and storage, loading, and unloading to unpacking your belongings. We can provide packing material such as moving boxes, blankets, portable wardrobe boxes, bubble wrap, mattress covers and more. We have a large fleet of various moving house truck sizes to cater to any size move, be-it an entire house to move or just needing a mini truck for a small house shifting, My Moovers has it all to help you with your move with minimum hassle.


We also offer-

  • Personalised Service: We provide a free no-obligation removalists quotes for furniture removals, house as well as office removals in Sydney. With over 20 purpose-built moving house trucks and 72 professional team members ready to serve you and always include two men and a truck for every moving home service.
  • Competitive Prices and no Hidden Fees: Whether you choose hourly rate or fixed price, our removals services in Sydney are all-inclusive and the best price around. We ensure there are no unwelcome surprises on moving day.
  • We specialize in city, suburban, country & interstate removals in Sydney and beyond.
  • We have over 20 years of experience in the removals and storage services industry.
  • Service award recipient 3 years running, consistent 5-star ratings makes us the removalists of choice in Sydney.

Contact us on 1300 229 172 or today for all your packing, removals and storage needs in Sydney. We will handle all your items with the utmost care and responsibility.

Follow the moving tips & hire moving home company information:-

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