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Whether you are moving offices within the same building or across the city it all can be a bit of a challenge. There are so many tasks to consider and it is very important to be organized and hire a professional office mover in Sydney to get the task done in a seamless manner.

The process of an office move needs to be carefully thought out and planned. Besides, hiring a professional office mover in Sydney, here are some important things to remember when moving offices:

  1. Lock in your moving date early. For most businesses, weekends are the best time to move offices. This is also the busiest time for movers so lock the date in as soon as possible.
  2. Notify your staff of the moving date so they can make any adjustments for travel time, parking, daycare, etc.
  3. Have your moving and packing supplies delivered early so you have ample amount of time to prepare. My Moovers, your local office mover in Sydney offers a wide variety of supplies and you can easily order them online.
  4. Have your new and old office inspected by the Sydney office movers in advance to your move. Professional office movers Sydney can recommend design and layouts to ensure the optimum use of your new office space.
  5. Order any new electronics, computer hardware, and office furniture early. Also, have them delivered a week before the move.
  6. Organize and install all new phone lines, internet, and utilities early to make a smooth transition.
  7. Notify your clients well in advance and change your Google My Business to your new address.
  8. Ensure all your suppliers are notified.
  9. Organize your new stationery and business cards at least a few weeks in advance.

My Moovers has been considered one of the best office movers Sydney has to offer. We have been in business for over 40 years servicing businesses with a full range of relocation needs. Our process for office relocation begins with careful and thorough planning. We inspect your current and new offices to determine all required logistics. Our professional and knowledgeable Sydney office movers will coordinate your entire move.

To book the best office movers Sydney has to offer contact us at 1300 229 172.

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