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A lot of people who are in the process of relocating to a new home are confused about how to go about packing framed artwork and pictures. As beautiful they may be to look at, these items tend to be highly fragile which is why packing them becomes tough for many. To help you out with the same, Melbourne’s finest removalists, My Moovers have come up with a number of ways:

Gather all pictures and paintings for packing:

Remove all the paintings from the walls and gather them in one place. Also, remember to collect all the framed pictures from desks, tables and dressers. Once all the fragile items have been gathered, take them to the room you have chosen as your packing station.

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Set up a packing station:

Look for a large table in the room that has been designated as the ‘packing station’. After cleaning it out, cover its surface with a thick blanket which would act as the soft protective layer during the actual wrapping process.

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Get the stack of packing paper ready:

The stack of soft packing paper should be positioned in the middle of the already padded table. If the size of the frame is larger than the packing paper, then placing several sheets of paper so that they overlap is a good way to creating a paper area that is sufficiently larger than the frame.

Secure the glass pieces of the frame:

Securing the glass pieces of the frame consists of 2 separate steps –

  1. Make an X: Use the painter’s tape to make an X on the glass or plastic face of the framed picture or painting.
  2. Use Cardboard: A piece of cardboard should be placed over the breakable glass front. Its size should be roughly the size of the frame.

Wrap the picture frame:

The framed picture or painting should be positioned in the middle of the paper stack with its glass side facing down and then covered in two sheets of paper. Finally, pieces of packing paper should be used to secure the edges of the newly-formed paper bundle. No area of the frame should be left unprotected. If the painting’s too big, use as many sheets of paper as necessary.

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