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Movers & Packers Handy Tips For Packing Clothes From The Experts

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Movers and Packers – So you bought a new house or moving to a new apartment and you are now faced with the daunting task of packing. Where do you begin?? You find yourself staring at all your belongings not knowing where to start. Packing clothes can be a great starting point and can be relatively easy if you follow the below packing techniques (for movers and packers) and steps:

Organize and declutter:

First go through all your clothes, shoes, hats, etc. and get rid of everything you don’t wear and doesn’t fit anymore. These items are just taking up space. Eliminating these items early in the moving process will make packing the rest of your clothes much easier.

Pack off-Season clothing and specialty clothing:

The next step is to pack all your seasonal clothing and special event clothing items you will not be needed in the near future. Getting these items out of the way early will allow you to see what is left to pack. If you plan on keeping them enclosed in the moving boxes for more than a couple of months, then we recommend that you take necessary steps to guard them against moisture or pest attack.

Pack a bag for a week:

It is essential for a smooth moving process that you pack a bag of clothing and essentials for each family member. Using a suitcase for this is a great idea! Unpacking can be a tedious job but if you pack a suitcase which has clothes and your essentials for the first week after the move, it would relieve you of the burden of sorting through multiple moving boxes to find your stuff.

Following the above should now eliminate a lot of clutter and leave you with a much easier job of packing the rest of your articles. We have also outlined below a few packing techniques that will leave you with a much easier moving process:

  1. Your packing technique should be based upon the distance that you need to travel and the number of clothes you have. If you are moving to a new city, it would be best for you to keep your clothes/clothing sealed so that they can be protected. If you’re just changing neighbourhoods, then, zip-tying hangers together and piling them in your car’s backseat could be an option for you.
  2. Determine what packing supplies are required. There are some great easy packing supplies specifically for packing clothes that make the job easier. Garment box’s, wardrobe (porta robe) boxes with hanging rails are a perfect solution. My Moovers has a wide range of packing supplies to fit all your needs. For example, porta robes only cost $18.00 each and can save you so much time and hassle. However, if the budget doesn’t permit, use garbage bags / plastic bags – group clothes on hangers and tie them together and slip a garbage bag or plastic bag over top. For bulky items, vacuum bags are great to save space and are very affordable.
  3. Label properly – make sure to label every box with what’s in the boxes and what family member it belongs to.
  4. Packing similar items together make for an easy unpacking process. Pack all underwear and socks together, all pants together, all shirts together etc…
  5. Pack delicate items together to aid from wrinkling. Also, make sure to lay them flat and not folded up in small boxes.
  6. Clothes are also great for providing double duty as padding for fragile items.
  7. Make sure all clothes are clean and dry before packing

With all these packing techniques in mind you still want to make sure you hire a professional moving company to ensure your valuable items are safe and make it to your destination. My Moovers is the best professional moving company in Melbourne. They can help streamline your moving process and offer a wide range of packing and moving supplies. My Moovers are professional movers who are committed to making the process of relocation extremely smooth and hassle-free for all their customers. For more details, please contact us at 1300 979 997 for movers and packers.

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