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Cheap Removalists Quotes – How My Moovers Makes Customers Happy!

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My Moovers, the best furniture removalists in Melbourne, can show you how the grass is greener with free Removalists Quotes. Our team of fleet-footed employees makes sure that each and every aspect of your relocation is handled with the utmost care and expertise. We have a fleet of 18 trucks which can accommodate all-size moves. Regardless of the size and the number that we have expanded to, we continue to be locally owned and operated – a novelty for any service provider who has been in the business for so long! Our dexterity, competence and close attention to detail is what separates us from other moving companies. With 4 service awards to their credit, we have consistently proved why we are the most preferred house removalists in Melbourne. As office movers, we are well-versed in ways that would ensure a smooth relocation, while keeping the downtime to an absolute minimum. We are a full-fledged moving service offering packing (including deliverables such as cartons, tapes, portarobes to help you pack to perfection), moving and storage services. We’ve done thousands of successful house removals over the years.

                       “Happy customers are the lifeline of any business.”

Read below to get to know our secret….

  • We always try to do better: As said by Walt Disney, “Just do your best work – then try to trump it.” If you really put in the effort to make the experience better for your clients/customers, they will notice it.
  • We anticipate customer needs: We use the data that surrounds our customers to better understand what it is that they require and then facilitate them with that.
  • We deliver beyond customer expectations: Doing the littlest things that can put a smile on your customers’ face which makes the experience that much better for you and the customer.
  • We continually ensure our customers value what we offer: At My Moovers, we are in the practice of asking ourselves as to why would a customer choose us over our competition. What makes us unique? What matters most to our customers?
  • We empathize with customers: We show to our customers that we actually care, understand them well and are there to support them emotionally throughout the process of relocation.
  • We empower our employees: Happier removalists make for happier customers and vice-versa. We have complete faith in our employees and empower them with the authority and necessary tools so that customer experience can be improved.
  • We find our customers top issues: We regularly gather feedback from our clients through offline and online survey forms and portals and come up with our own list of top 10 customer issues and then work at resolving them.
  • We apologize if we go wrong: To err is human – nobody’s perfect! If something goes wrong from our end, we are quick to apologize, unlike some companies who go straight into denial mode.

4.3 stars from 800+ reviews are proof of our skill, dedication, and commitment to making the process of relocation extremely smooth and hassle-free for our clients. Here are few of the testimonials of our customers….

My Moovers offers low price Removalists Quotes

“I had a three-bedroom house with a lot of furniture. It was big much move but the removalist made it easy. They were very hardworking, punctual and strong. They arrived on time. Loaded the truck quickly even they reached at my new house before me. I will recommend this company to everyone. Thanks, Lakhwinder and Maddy again.”

“Attry and Renn were fantastic. We travelled a fair distance with the move. They worked quickly and professionally and got the move done very quickly. The price was great too. Will definitely use them again for the next move.”

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