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Bob and Nancy had recently bought a new home and hired the top Apartment Removalists for their relocation. Despite that, the mountain of unwanted clutter was giving them a headache!! There are many people like Bob and Nancy who are moving homes and clueless about optimizing the unneeded category. Here are a few tips to help you get rid of the unwanted stuff while moving:

Sell your apartment stuff online

This is perhaps the best way to get rid of unwanted stuff when moving! You also get to make some extra money which you can use to cover up your moving expenses.

Sell your stuff at a moving sale of apartment

Hold a yard sale or a garage sale prior to moving and invite people from the neighbourhood to come to your place and buy from the things on display.

Give away to friends and family

If you’re tired of hunting for ways to get rid of unwanted stuff, look towards your loved ones. Though you may earn a little extra money by selling stuff online or at a moving sale but nothing compares to the joy of giving/gifting something that can prove to be valuable for someone you care for deeply. The materials could be anything – from furniture to clothes to a pair of shoes.

Donate to charity – apartment removalists

Perhaps the best way to give back to the community is by donating to charity! There are thousands of needy, homeless people who lack the basic amenities of life. What may be ‘unwanted’ for you could be ‘luxury’ for someone else. So, open your heart and donate stuff to charity – it may brighten someone’s day!


If your items cannot make through any of the options mentioned above (due to poor maintenance etc), it is best that you give them away for recycling. Make your relocation greener by disposing of all your unwanted stuff in an eco-friendly manner through a recycling center.

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