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Moving Heavy Items? Don’t Break Your Back

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Here are a few tips for moving heavy furniture items by the best Furniture Removals Melbourne, My Moovers:

  • It is a lot easier to push than pull. So, if an item’s too heavy to be lifted, then instead of pulling, you and your furniture removals should push it. Make sure to cushion the floor with newspapers or old blankets while you are pushing the items as they may damage the floor.
  • A heavy item/furniture such as a couch (or in fact any other item with legs) should be laid on its back or side and then moved by sliding it slowly. Remove the legs of the furniture if it does not fit the door. Certain heavy items such as large armourers and massive couches may have to be moved through the window if they do not fit the door. In such a case, you should have plenty of ropes. My Moovers, the best furniture removals Melbourne, can help you with moving heavy items in the most efficient manner.
  • To move heavy kitchen items such as fridge freezers, dishwashers, and washing machines, spray a little washing-up liquid on the floor first.
  • Use two boards as a ramp to get some heavy items down the stairs. Make sure that you have at least 2 people to help you with the same. Another option is that you lay the object on a quilt or heavy blanket, control the descent with your shoulder while backing down and as you do so, you lift the edge of the ‘skid’ slightly with both hands.
  • To move a plasma or big LCD TVs, you need to first cover them with furniture pads or blankets. It is advised that you do not move these items by yourself.

My Moovers, the best local furniture removals, have a team of skilled and experienced removalists who can help you move heavy furniture and other items in the most effective manner. Get in touch with them at 1300 229 172!!!

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