Tips for Moving House Effectively

When you’re Moving House, everything depends on how you plan your move. The better the planning, the more effective is the move. A lot of people who are in the process of relocation tend to overlook this aspect which leads to a rather hassled, tiresome move that leaves them frustrated. To help you plan your move effectively, we have come up with this 11-step guide, the points of which are listed as below:


moving house effectively Sydney

Book Your Removalists in Advance:

The first step towards moving house effectively is by booking quality removalists in advance. Booking your relocation in advance would ensure that your belongings are picked on time by the moving house company.

Collect Important Papers:

Important documents such as the birth certificates, insurance policies, dental, mental, financial records etc should be gathered and placed in a folder. Creating digital copies of the documents will allow you to easily access the information as and when required.

Begin Packing as Soon as Possible:

Start packing as early as you can. Begin with items that you rarely use. Then, move on to antiques and collectibles. Once these items (antiques and collectibles) have been packed, it would be good to start packing items that are ‘sometimes’ used. Last, but not the least pack the items that are used on a regular basis (the essentials) as you would require them till the moving day arrives.

Dispose off the Waste:

You need to ensure that oil and fuel is drained out from lawnmowers, chainsaws, and motorcycles – basically any machine that has an engine before moving house.

Get Rid of Any Extra Food:

Remove the extra food from your refrigerator, freezer and pantry. We also suggest that you limit the grocery shopping to small amounts before the relocation.

Return Borrowed Items and Cancel Any Regular Service:

It is important that you return all the library books, rental DVDs and similar items before moving house. Also, make sure to cancel all your subscriptions which may include newspapers, TV, internet connection etc before moving house.

Update Your Address:

You may lose your coverage if your insurance policies are not changed to the new address. So, make sure that you update the same.

Create a Moving Day Kit:

A moving day kit should include your keys, prescriptions, phone chargers, extra cash, toiletries, first aid kit, credit and debit cards, smartphones etc. This would safeguard you in every way during the process of moving house.

Cancel Utilities:

Make sure to cancel all the utilities – phone, electricity, water and gas at your old home.


Once you leave, have your place checked by a friend or relative to make sure that all the utilities are shut off and nothing is left behind. You have little to no chance to check upon your old home, especially if you are moving house interstate.

Setup and Check New Utilities:

Before you could move in, make sure that the electricity, phone lines, water and gas etc. are running smoothly. This way you won’t have to go through the trouble of camping in your new backyard if something were to go wrong!

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