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Moving House? Handy Tips For Packing Up Your Kitchen From The Expert Movers

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Moving house? handy tips for packing up your kitchen from the expert movers:

Packing is perhaps one of the most tedious and boring things to do when moving from one home to another. And when it comes to packing of kitchen utensils and other items, the boredom experienced is on another level! This is because the packing can often be time-consuming – there are a number of pots, pans, cutlery, utensils, dishes, appliances, etc that need to be carefully dealt with. We have listed out a few tips to help make the process of packing kitchen easy for you…

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Packing the large Items in your kitchen:

The kitchen table:

As kitchen table is a heavy item, you should use a bubble wrap for the same. If the kitchen table is isolatable, you can carry it in parts which would make the packing easier for you. Once the biggest item in the kitchen has been taken care of, you will have more room for packing other items into boxes!

The chairs:

The bubble wrap needs to be used for the chairs as well. As the legs can easily break, you should be extra careful while packing and moving them.

Moving the appliances:

Dissemble the small appliances and put them back into their original boxes. Now, empty the refrigerator of all the food and clean out the ice. Tape the doors well and wrap the fridge with blankets so that it can be protected by scratches and other damages.

Packing small items in your kitchen:

Preparing the boxes:

Tape the boxes outside to give them strength. You should remember that you would be placing items like pans, pots, and dishes inside so make sure that the boxes are taped well. My Moovers, the best removalists in Melbourne, have a wide array of packing supplies which include boxes, cartons, tapes, portarobes and more.

Heavy items:

The heaviest items should be placed at the bottom. You should start by packing pots and pans. The biggest one should be kept inside first. Keep placing the lids on top so that you do not have to spend time matching the lids of the items when you move into your new house.

Taking special care of breakable objects:

Breakable items such as cups and dishes should be placed at the top to prevent them from being crushed. Each cup and dish should be packed with old newspapers or packing paper. You need to tape the paper to the items that are being wrapped. Next, fill in the empty space inside the boxes with crumpled paper to cushion the fragile items when they are being moved.

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