How to Pack Fragile Items before Moving House

Moving house can be a daunting and hectic task, especially when you don’t have enough time to pack all your stuff. The fragile items need special wrapping so that they reach your destination in one piece. My Moovers provides experienced moving service in Mona Vale to help in packing and moving fragile items like vases, antique furniture, and paintings.


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My Moovers, the best local removalists in Mona Vale can carefully organise and pack your belongings. Our movers recommend having plenty of time before the big day arrives and work through packing and identifying the valuable and vulnerable items. My Moovers have all the necessary moving and packing supplies required for all your fragile items. Always label the boxes by writing fragile which contains breakable items.

  • Packing and Moving delicate Furniture

Despite weight and proportions, large, heavy or bulky items need extra attention while moving house. Leaving these logistical challenges until the end only increases the risk of causing damage to the goods during the journey. Heavy furniture cannot be move alone and requires proper planning. Our professional local removalists in Mona Vale are highly trained and offer special assistance in such situations. We prefer to wrap heavy furniture in soft materials to save them from dents and scratches.

  • How to pack Glassware and Ceramics

Fragile items like plates and glasses are vulnerable and are prone to damage while moving house. It is important to be extra careful when wrapping and arranging any glass or ceramic goods. Use small boxes which have firm sides that will hold such items during the move. Keep these boxes with enough padding so that they do not come into contact with each other. To fill empty space between fragile items, bubble wrap for extra protection. Label the boxes containing fragile goods for careful handling during transit.

Electrical goods are very important in everyday life such as TVs, computers, etc. If any of these items break, your daily work gets disturbed. Dismantle the large electrical goods to avoid the risk of damage. These include remote controls, chargers and cable wires must be wrapped separately. They require a special carton as per their sizes. It is best to repack them in their original boxes. If you don’t have the original packaging, My Moovers can provide special cartons. To pack heavy electronic goods like TVs, use thin foam to protect the screen.



There are many moving companies in Mona Vale but when looking to hire professionals that will care for your special items, hire the moving home service in Mona Vale that have the best reputation. My Moovers are dedicated local removalists in the Mona Vale, Sydney area that specialize in all types and sizes of moves and have specialised boxes and supplies required for packing fragile items. If you are unsure about your packing skills, hire My Moovers and we will pack all your items for you. No need to worry, let the professional moving service do it for you. So, next time you are looking to move homes in Sydney, contact us on 1300 979 997 or