The Ultimate Office Moving Checklist

by the Best Office Movers Melbourne


Office Movers Melbourne & Sydney


There is a lot of planning and organizing that is involved when you need to move offices. With the obvious task of having to move all the office equipment you also need to consider transitional workflow, employee happiness and so much more.

No need to worry, My Moovers, the professional office movers Melbourne have put together a quick office moving checklist to help you get ready for the big move.

Six Weeks to Moving Day:

  • Contact My Moovers, the best office movers Melbourne and get a fixed quote.
  • Lock in your moving date.
  • Your new office space should be measured for furniture design and layouts.
  • Notify your employees of the moving date.

Four Weeks to Moving Day:

  1. Have your office movers deliver some moving supplies and boxes delivered so you can get started on organizing and packing documents and items that are not needed until after the move.
  2. Have your new and old office surveyed by the office movers Melbourne. Professional office movers can also advise you on the layout and design to make the best use of your new office space.
  3. If the need arises, order any new furniture and electronics and make sure to confirm with the supplier to deliver the items at least a week before you move if possible.
  4. Ensure all new phone lines, utilities and such are organized with the change of address.

Three Weeks till Moving Day:

  1. Make sure that all your existing suppliers are informed about your move so that everyone from your daily milk deliveries to your office cleaners can make necessary adjustments.
  2. Organize the new stationery and send out the change of address notifications so they are ready to send.

Two Weeks till Moving Day:

  1. Set up the office phone lines and broadband while the new office is vacant.
  2. Set up your postal redirect notice for your moving date.
  3. Ensure that all the essentials are in place and in working condition like the kitchen and bathrooms.

One Week Before Move:

  1. Have your office movers Melbourne deliver the rest of your moving boxes. At My Moovers, we offer a moving and packing service so your employees can continue to work for as long as possible.
  2. Ensure that your IT Company sets up all the necessary servers, cables, and wiring in the new office.

Moving Day:

At My Moovers, we know that moving offices can be time-consuming and hectic.  However, if you plan things ahead and follow this guide, you can ensure a successful office relocation. Leave your move in the safe and capable hands of My Moovers the office movers Melbourne.

To book your office move or for more information contact us at 1300 979 997.


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