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Packing Antiques?

Packing Antiques

The process of packing irreplaceable antiques can be nerve-wracking for a small jerk could be all that it takes for such items to be damaged. It is therefore important that you follow guidelines/take the right steps when packing antiques. In order to help you safely pack your antiques, My Moovers, the best house removalists in Melbourne, have come up with a list of steps….

Create an Inventory of your antiques:

As soon as you decide on moving, make an inventory of your antique furniture. Start with larger items such as armoires and dining room tables. Take a photograph of everything for the record. All sides of each item should be measured – these measurements would be required for custom crates and to ensure that your large antique furniture would fit through the doorways of your new home. For moving antiques that are smaller in sizes, such as jewellery, silver and collectibles, photograph each item and make a note of imperfections, if any.

Get professional appraisals:

Get your house removalists to quote the precise value of your antique furniture so that the information can be relayed upon during the initial inventory call and then later on if you need to make any claims.

Consider your insurance options:

Is your antique furniture insured for the move? Even if it is included on your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy, you should check whether the coverage extends to transport and unpacking at your new address during relocation. Once you have your appraisals with you, it is wise to contact your broker or insurance provider before the move to discuss your options.

Packing antiques like a pro:

Protective wrap:

Porous items such as artwork, antique books and fabric should be packed in non-acidic, archival tissue as it makes a fine, protective layer. Stretch wrap or foam wrap should be used to cover items such as glass or wood. The cloth can also be used as a protective wrap.

Shock and vibration protection:

A combination of blankets, foam and bubble wrap is used to absorb the small shocks that occur during transportation.

Protective shell:

A wooden crate is an ideal protective shell as it protects your valuable antiques from the most abrupt effects of the move.

My Moovers, the best house removalists in Melbourne, can help you pack your antiques to perfection. Call them today at 1300 229 172 to streamline your move!!!

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