What to Expect – the Best Removalists Company Pakenham Melbourne

It is never easy to move your valuable possessions from one home to another. From packing all your belongings to managing the heavy lifting and then moving them across to the new home are tasks too overwhelming and challenging. However, hiring a removalists company Pakenham such as My Moovers can ease off a lot of your moving stress. Here’s what you should expect from your home removalists:


Removalists Company Pakenham


  • Visual In-Home Inspection

    Your furniture removalists would first inspect your home visually and then quote a price. They would take a look at all the household items that you wish to move to the new home and determine any risks or difficulties that they might experience on the moving day – from narrow alleys to non-functional elevators etc. Make sure that you have your home inspected or surveyed in before the moving company could issue a price estimate. Reputed home removalists such as My Moovers can conduct an in-house survey if required before quoting a price.

  • Packing – Removalists Company Pakenham

    Good house removals are equipped with plenty of packing material such as tapes, cartons and portarobes. They exactly know how to pack each and every item so that it is protected in the best possible way.

  • Disassembly and Reassembly of Furniture

    Removalist Companies such as My Moovers have a lot of experience in the transportation of different kinds of home furniture. In case you have decided to move some of the heavier furniture on your own, then your furniture movers will carefully disassemble those huge furniture pieces and pack them safely for the move. And, once your belongings have been delivered to the new home, the expert removalists will assemble all the furniture pieces in the exact locations where you want them to be placed.

  • Transportation

    You should expect your house removals to transport all your belongings to the new address. The process of moving involves loading your valuables into the moving truck, transporting them and then finally unloading them from the moving vehicle and into the new residence. If you’re relocating locally, you should expect your belongings to reach your new home the same day but in case of a long-distance move, it may take a few more days for your things to arrive at your new residence (which is in correspondence to the conditions in your moving contract).

  • Storage – Best Removalists Company Pakenham

    Removalist companies also have a storage facility. In case you cannot store all your belongings in your new home, you can go ahead and request for your items to be stored in the storage facility of the moving company.

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