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Tips on packing for storage


Whether you need storage for furniture, a few items or everything you own. You want to do it right! This means packing carefully and strategically. The first priority is to prevent any damage from happening. This could be moisture damage to pest control. Check out the tips below from the professional movers at My Moovers, the moving and storage experts in Melbourne.



Moving and Storage

Packing Tips:

  1. For storage of furniture, wrap furniture in cotton sheets to protect them during moving and storing.
  2.  Avoid using plastic bags for long term storage, as they keep in moisture and cause mold to grow on your items.
  3. When packing odd-shaped items, fill the box up to the brim and fill in the gaps with packing material like newspaper or bubble wrap.
  4. Don’t use old or broken boxes. These can break open or pests can find their way in. Use large boxes for lightweight items and small boxes for heavy items.
  5. Individually wrap every plate, dish, and cup to avoid cracking or chipping during the move.
  6. Buy fitted cardboard corners and lots of bubble wrap for picture frames and mirrors as they are the most likely items to break.
  7. Make sure you wash and dry everything prior to packing – including clothing, blankets, curtains, etc. This will prevent from mold and pests.
  8. Clean all your items properly before storage; wood polish for wood items, conditioner for leather, and rust preventative for metal items. This will help preserve them for long term storage.
  9. Label and mark down what is in each box. This will make it easy to identify in the future if you need to find something.

Storing Tips:

  1. Use the right size of the storage unit as per your needs and requirements. At My Moovers, we have various removal storage units in Melbourne to accommodate all your storage needs.
  2. For long-term storing, you will want a temperature-controlled unit. This allows your items to stay within a safe temperature range and does not expose your stuff to extreme temperatures. At, My Moovers our movers will move and store all your items in Melbourne in a safe and temperature-controlled unit.
  3. For furniture storage, the area should be a little bigger to store heavy items easily. This will allow air and you to move around. My Moovers movers can assist with how to place your furniture/ belongings so air can flow properly around all your stuff.
  4. Organize your boxes in the unit with items you won’t need at the back and items you might need to get to at the front.



My Moovers is the most reliable and affordable interstate removalists in Melbourne. We have a team of professionals with years of experience in moving and storage in Melbourne. We treat our customers and their items with the utmost care and responsibility. If it’s packing supplies you need, we have a variety of moving and storage supplies to safely move and store your items in our Melbourne office.



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