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Staying organized during a move helps in keeping the stress at bay and ensuring a successful relocation. My Moovers, the best furniture removalists in Rosebud, have compiled 6 brilliant ways to help you stay organized during a move:

  • Start Organizing Your Move Early:

    As soon as you have decided to relocate to a new place, you should start preparing for your move. The earlier you start with the preparation, the lesser are the chances of you making hasty decisions. You should start organizing your move atleast a month before the final moving day.

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  • Create an Inventory of All Your Possessions:

    You should know exactly what items are meant to be moved to the new home. In order to be able to decide that better, My Moovers, the best furniture removals Rosebud suggest that you should create an inventory of all your possessions and sort them into 4 categories – move, sell, donate and throwaway.

  1. Move: These are the items that you will be taking to your new abode.
  2. Sell: The items that you think are unwanted but in good enough condition that they can be sold out online or offline (through a garage or a yard sale).
  3. Donate: The things you feel like donating to charity.
  4. Throwaway: The items which are of simply no use to you or anyone else.
  • Keep Your Moving Paperwork in a Binder:

    When you are relocating to a new home, lot paperwork is generated. A good way to stay organized is by keeping all your moving paperwork in one place, most preferably a binder. You can also keep other documents such as birth certificates, employment documents (labour contracts, evaluation reports), rental agreements, utility bills, power of attorney documents, bank statements, payroll slips, vehicle registration, auto insurance documents etc within the binder.

  • Come up with a Good Packing Strategy:

    Adopting a good packing strategy is key to staying organized during the shifting process. You should:

  1. Start packing immediately
  2. Follow a packing timeline
  3. Know where to start packing
  4. Get the right packing supplies
  • Pack Your Essentials Last:

    Make sure to pack essentials such as kitchen utensils, bed linen, bathroom items, prescription medications and other important things at the last because they will be needed until the very last moment.

  • Label Your Boxes Properly:

    Pick up a black marker and label each side of every box so that you know which box contains what items. If you end up not labeling your boxes, there are high chances of you getting confused and in some cases this can even cause damage to your belongings. For example: If an unlabeled box of heavy items is placed on top of fragile glassware, the latter would break into pieces.

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