10 Steps to Pack Glasses for Moving by the Best Removalists Traralgon

My Moovers, the best removalists Traralgon have come up with a step-by-step packing guide for glassware.


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The bottom of each cardboard box that you plan to use for storing glassware during the move should be reinforced with the help of a packing tape. Make sure that you do this when using new packing boxes including specialized dish boxes.


A few sheets of newspaper should be crumpled and placed on the bottom of each dish box to create an insulation layer that can absorb any major shocks or vibrations during transportation. Placing a few sheets of bubble wrap on the bottom of the boxes is also a good option.

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Lay it Out:

The stack of soft packing paper should be taken and laid out on a flat surface, most preferably the kitchen table. If the table is not available at the moment, you can use the floor to set up a temporary glassware packing station. The paper for packing glasses should be perfectly clean.

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Wrap it Up:

A kitchen glass should be taken and positioned at the very center of the stack of the packing paper. Then, take two sheets from one corner and tuck them inside the glass piece. The same process should then be repeated with the other corner that faces the open part of the glass. Finally, the two paper corners that are opposite to each other should be pulled over the glassware piece to cover it completely.

Tape it Up:

 You need to use a tape to keep the paper bundle formed out of the glassware piece in place when transporting the items.

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Gauge it Up:

When you’re in the process of packing glasses for a move, you need to be mindful of the (sentimental) value of the items you are packing up. For instance, regular drinking glasses that have no stems would not need a bubble wrap to provide that extra protection. However, when packing stemware for wine glasses or individual glasses that hold sentimental value for you, bubble-wrapping becomes a must to make sure that all your valuables safely reach your new residence.

Box it Up:

The manner in which you arrange the packed glasses into the cardboard boxes is very important. You need to first make sure that the bottom of the box is well-insulated (as was also explained in step 2). Then, the wrapped glass pieces should be tightly arranged next to one another with minimal spacing between them. And finally, if you’re going ahead with a second row after having packed the first bottom, a few sheets of bubble wrap should be placed between the rows for added protection.

Pad it:

Once all the glassware has been arranged into a box, pieces of paper or bubble wrap should be used to fill in the spaces inside the moving container.

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Seal it Up:

The flaps of the boxes should be closed. You should then see if the lid of box can be shut without putting much pressure on the delicate content inside. The box should be sealed with the help of a packing tape.

Label it:

Label the boxes so that you know which box contains what items.

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