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At My Moovers we operate a fleet of eighteen moving trucks to handle all size removals and varied situations surrounding access.

The simplest way to ensure you have the correct moving truck allocated on moving day is to complete our FIXED PRICE QUOTE – accessible here.

My Moovers Removals Fleet 14t

14 tonne Truck (x2)

Ideal for large 4+BDR moves

Capacity: 60m3

Fleet Removals My Moovers

12 tonne Truck (x2)

Ideal for 4+BDR moves

Capacity: 50-55m3

My Moovers Fleet

10 tonne Truck

Ideal for large 3BR moves

Capacity: 40-45m3

Removals Fleet My Moovers

8 tonne Truck (x2)

Ideal for large 2BR/modest 3BR homes

Capacity: 30-35m3

My Moovers Removals

6 tonne Truck (x2)

Ideal for 2 bedroom moves

Capacity: 22-28m3

My Moovers Removals Fleet

4 tonne Truck

Ideal for 1/2 bedroom homes

Capacity: 18m3