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Moving can be very hectic and time-consuming. Let My Moovers take care of all your end of lease/tenancy cleaning needs so you can focus on other moving tasks.


We offer reliable and quick services for tenants and landlords. We provide our clients with a reliable cleaning service and we clean the property regardless of its condition. Your lease is coming to an end and as a tenant, you start to worry about your security deposit / bond. As a tenant, you are responsible to leave your residence in the same state as you move in.  Together with your landlord, it is standard that you do a final inspection of the property. Your landlord will fill out the Official Inspection Report and if the property does not meet the final inspection expectations you will not be able to receive your bond back. No need to worry as My Moovers is here to make sure that doesn’t happen with our Bond Back Guarantee!

Bundle Your End Of Lease Cleaning With A Move & Get A $40 Coles Voucher

Let us help you with all your removal requirements and your cleaning and take advantage of our Bundle Deal! Book your Removals and Cleaning appointment today!


100 Years

Bond Back


For your peace of mind, if any disputes happen our team will come back and re-clean and ensure your landlord is fully satisfied with the condition of your property.


Sets Us Apart

Every Clean Is Tailored To Your Specific Needs, However, There Are Always Standard Elements That Are Included

Spray Bottle

A thorough cleaning of your bathrooms and kitchen

Complete vacuuming of every room

non-carpeted floors

Washing all non-carpeted floors


Dusting baseboards, pictures, lampshades, window sills and furniture


Wiping cupboard exterior and interior

Shampooing of all carpeted areas


Wipe down all walls, door frames, baseboards, etc.

Hassle-Free Moving Out Services With My Moovers Has Never Been So Easy

Frequently Asked Questions

Use our FAQs to help answer any questions you may have during your move. From the planning to the moving day, the FAQs are here to help you.

How long does End of Lease cleaning usually take?

Each property has different needs, such as the size of the property, whether you have carpets that need professionally shampooed and more. The average End of Lease cleaning for a 2-bedroom apartment generally takes approx 4 hours. For a more accurate quote call our customer support team and let them know all your requirements.

Do you clean the windows and all-glass areas?

We do include a standard wipe down of your interior windows, however if you need exterior window cleaning or a “premium window clean” extra fees will apply. It is best to always clarify with our customer service department what exactly you or your landlord requires and what is not required.

How many cleaners will be sent to my home?

Most End of Lease cleaning jobs require 2 cleaners for a standard 2 bedroom flat. If you have a larger place or require more detailed work then approx 3 cleaners will be sent to clean. For a more accurate quote call our customer support team and let them know all your requirements.

Do the cleaners move furniture when cleaning?

If you are vacating a full-service property that included furniture in your rental, our cleaners will move any small pieces of furniture like coffee tables and chairs, so they clean underneath however larger pieces of furniture they would only clean around.

Do you provide bundle offers for moving and cleaning?

Definitely YES! My Moovers want to make your moving experience as hassle-free as possible. For more information on our current deals, give our customer service department a call and let us know all your requirements so we can work out the best solution for your needs.

My landlord /agent had some issues with the condition of the property after the cleaning service. What do I do now?

In the event, this happens please contact our customer service department as soon as possible. Your End of Lease cleaning service comes with a Bond Back Guarantee, so we will ensure that the cleaners return and re-clean any missed spots or areas within an appropriate time period.

My carpets are badly stained or soiled. Do you shampoo/steam clean them and help with removing the stains?

Yes, of course. When you book your End of Lease cleaning service this is all included in our rates.

Do you clean the ceiling?

This service would come at an additional as it is not included in our standard End of Lease cleaning. If you require this service please inform our customer support team and let them know all your requirements.

Do I need to defrost the fridge before the cleaners arrive?

Yes. The cleaners cannot sanitise the appliance if it has not been emptied and defrosted prior to their arrival. Additional costs may apply and we may not be able to guarantee our cleaning services if the cleaners can not perform all services required.

I am about to put my house on the market and I need it deep cleaned throughout. Do you provide cleaning services for this?

A: Yes we can definitely assist with this and as you will require to move out once you sell your property ask about our Bundle-Up Moving and Cleaning services when you call our customer service department.

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