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My Moovers is the most trusted and reliable Removalists Adelaide has to offer. We have 500 experienced Removalists in Adelaide and 150 dedicated moving trucks. Whether you are moving locally or interstate, you can rest assured that our team of professional Adelaide removalists will be with you every step of the way.

Just last year, over 50,000 Australians trusted My Moovers as their Adelaide removalists company of choice. We have been moving specialists for many years now and have a reputation for providing cheap but the best Removals Adelaide service.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with reliable and affordable removalists options for any size move. Whether it’s a small or large residential home or office relocation, we’ll plan your relocation around your needs. So that means you can enjoy, relax and have a “PEACE OF MIND” knowing your valuable belongings are protected.

When needing trustworthy and reliable removalists in Adelaide more people opt for the “BEST” removalists services Adelaide has to offer. 

When relocating your valued belongings, you want “EXPERIENCE” on your side.

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Trained, experienced removalist and movers ready to assist you

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Our Moving Services

House Movers Adelaide

House Movers Adelaide

My Moovers provide a complete range of easy door to door removalist services. If you need a local, country or interstate removalists, we provide a STRESS FREE move for your peace of mind.

Office Movers Adelaide

Office Movers Adelaide

Forget the hassles of office removals. Our office furniture removalists will make sure you have a stress free move and keep downtime to a minimum.

Furniture Removalists Adelaide

Furniture Removals

If you just need a few pieces of furniture moved or picked up from eBay, Gumtree or IKEA. Our Furniture Removalists can do small, quick moves with small prices to match!

Movers and Packers Adelaide

Movers & Packers Adelaide

Leave the stress of packing / unpacking to us! We have many options to choose from depending on the volume and removal needs.

Removals Adelaide

Removals Storage Adelaide

We provide fully secure storage options at great rates. Contact our office staff to discuss your storage needs.

Movers Adelaide

Moving Supplies

You can easily order a wide range of removal supplies online. Supplies include removals boxes, tape, paper and more ($40 delivery fee applies).

Why Choose My Moovers Removalists in Adelaide

Adelaide Movers moving truck

Interstate Removalists Adelaide Services

We understand that moving interstate is a life changing experience. Each interstate removal will have unique requirements and we understand the value of your belongings. Moving interstate can place pressure on you, both physically and mentally so let My Moovers the TRUSTED, RELIABLE and AFFORDABLE Interstate removalists do the job. For Interstate removals services we always provide a customised moving quote and solution no matter where you are relocating to. We will never be beaten by price for Interstate removalists service so give us a call and find out more.

Cheap Furniture Removals Adelaide Services

You can rest assured our Furniture Removalists are highly trained and experiences in all size of furniture removal services. From one item to an entire house our furniture removalists will transport all your furniture and items with the utmost care. We will protect all your valuable furniture with heavy duty furniture blankets and ensure they make it to our new place safely. Additionally we can also move large and bulky items like pianos and pool tables.

My Moovers is the ONE STOP MOVERS. We can also provide furniture storage, furniture dismantling and assembling, packing and unpacking services. And last a full range of moving and packing supplies that can be delivered right to your door.

House Movers Adelaide Services

My Moovers is the removalist in Adelaide that is reputed for its efficiency and affordable house removalists services. With us handling the job, you never have to worry about anything and the entire moving service will take place in a seamless manner. We provide a complete range of seamless door-to-door house removalists services, providing a STRESS-FREE moving service for your PEACE OF MIND. Whether it be a small apartment or a large house, we provide the cheapest house removalists services in Adelaide.

Office Movers Adelaide Services

My Moovers understands office removals like no other! We know how hard an office removal can be so have the best office removalists on your side. With delicate equipment like computers, bulky desks and conference tables, and general office supplies, it can be a nightmare to get your things where they need to go safely. In addition, My Moovers knows it is important for any business to get moving quickly as possible with keeping down time to a minimum. Fortunate for you, My Moovers will ensure a stress-free office relocation while keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

Choose The Best Adelaide Movers

When Choosing A Mover, Consider The Below When Finding The Best Mover

Friendly Service

My Moovers will take your move from stressful, to easy. Our Adelaide removals team know the stress of moving house so LEAVE THE STRESS TO US!

We can pack and unpack, wrap and move all your furniture and boxes while you sit back and relax. From start to finish you can be sure your items will arrive safe and on time. From the minute you contact our office to our trained Adelaide movers. You will be happy with our service. Our trucks have all the supplies to keep your items safe while being moved.

Moving and Packing Supplies

We are a full service Adelaide Removalists that offers a wide range of moving and packing supplies. My Moovers can advise you of how many boxes and supplies you require and deliver them right to your door.

We also have supplies for protecting your furniture, artwork, mattresses and more.

COVID-19 Protocols

We monitor the COVID-19 protocols closely. We take all the guidelines serious and make sure we have carried them out properly. MyMoovers makes sure all info is up to date by getting updates from the Australian Furniture Removals Association (AFRA). We take the care and safety of our staff and clients serious.

Interstate Removalists Adelaide Services

We know that moving interstate is different from moving local. From Adelaide to Canberra or Adelaide to Sydney, or Adelaide to Brisbane we always provide a custom quote no matter where you are moving. For that reason, hire My Moovers who are the TRUSTED interstate removalists.

No Hidden Fees

All our quotes are FREE. Our quote will detail all the costs involved. Having a peace of mind with no surprises is what you will receive with MyMoovers.

Be Ready for Moving Day

My Moovers can offer advice and send you a checklist to ensure you are ready for moving day. For an easy move having a to-do list will help keep tasks organized and make sure all gets done on time.

Hire The Cheap Removalists Adelaide. Moving On A Budget?

My Moovers knows that people are looking to hire budget furniture removalists but also looking for quality. That is why My Moovers has made it our goal to provide the BEST SERVICE at the BEST RATES.
From your first contact with our team, you will see why My Moovers are known as the best Adelaide Removalists.

Before selecting a removalist, there are a few things to consider

How much do movers in Adelaide charge?

Moving all of your personal effects to a new home can be a huge task. If you are moving out of the family home, downsizing or off to school, your move needs to be well planned. 

Before hiring the services of a moving company, you need to think of the below when knowing how much the movers will charge.

Removalists can charge anywhere from $75.00-$300.00 per hour. The final cost comes down to one thing; how complex your move is. The less complex the move, the less time it will take, resulting in a lower price. 

The factors that movers gauge the price on are the below:

1. The volume of items being moved

Generally, the first question the removalist will ask is, what is the size of your home. Your home’s size will allow the company to know how many movers they will require for the job. It also allows them to know how long it will take to complete the job. 

For example, a one bedroom flat generally will have a lot fewer items than a three bedroom house. The more time it takes, the more movers the job needs and the larger the truck, the more money the move will be.

2. The distance travelled during the move

The cost of a removalist will vary depending on how far the removal company must travel to your new home. Those who book a long distance move will expect to pay more than those who book a move within a short distance or the same city. 

Moving during peak months vs the winter off-season will most often pay more as well. Also, during the week vs on the weekend may be more money. Factoring in peak driving times can also play a part in the final cost too.

3. The move’s difficulty

Your removals may cost more due to several factors the movers might encounter during the move. Stairs, elevators, limited parking, large, awkward furniture or arrow hallways /door frames all add to the difficulty and time it takes to move. Be honest and upfront with the moving companies when getting a quote. The more information you can provide them, the more accurate the quote will be. No one likes unwelcome surprises that can be avoided in the first place.

4. Services required

If you choose to add extra services such as packing or unpacking, or storage, these services will add to your final price. If you need these added services, make sure you inform the movers so they can provide you with a proper quote. And if you don’t require any added services, make sure you are fully packed and the furniture is disassembled. This will reduce time and result in more savings.

The cheapest isn't always the best

If you try to save a few dollars by going the cheap route, you may end up spending more. Everyone wants to find ways to save money. However, there are some areas where we should not cut corners in our quest for savings. 

Some companies may quote you a low hourly rate, but they will work slow and work more hours than an experienced mover. Also, keep in mind that any move requires at least two movers.

Be wary of moving companies with a perfect 5-star rating

Nobody is perfect, and no business is either. There will always be mistakes or unhappy customers, no matter how much experience or years in the industry. 

An important factor to consider is how the company deals with those unhappy reviews. Has the company replied? Have they provided them with a solution? 

Do your research; there are many credible sites that provide reviews, such as Google and many sites that are not credible.

Packing materials are not included

Packing materials such as boxes, bubble wrap, paper, tape etc., are not included when you book a removalist. You can either buy those items through a removal company or gather them yourself. 

The cost of buying packing materials through removal companies is relatively low, considering that all materials are heavy duty and will withstand the move. They can also provide you with the proper amount of materials that are required. The removalists also have many different specialty items for packing. These items include mattress and furniture covers, boxes for TV’s and other electronics, art boxes and more. 

Movers do provide carpet/floor/wall protectors and furniture pads. 

If you decide to gather your own supplies, ensure that the boxes are heavy-duty and you use proper packing tape. White butchers paper is better than newspaper. Newspaper ink may bleed onto your items, so use caution which items you wrap with newspaper. You can also use blankets, towels and other linens as cushioning.

Moving oversized or fragile items

For items such as piano’s, pool tables, oversized furniture or fragile/antique items, you need to notify the moving company ahead of time. The movers need to ensure they have the proper equipment and the correct number of movers to handle these items. Items of this nature take time and special care, and that all needs to be factored into the quote.

FAQ for Adelaide Removalists Service

Use My Moovers FAQs to help answer any questions you may have during your removals process. Our FAQs are designed to answer the most common questions our customers have when moving. From the pre-move planning through the packing process, the FAQs are here to help you during your relocation.

When is the best time to move?

Removalists in Adelaide are busiest during the summer months. If you can move outside of the summer season, you will likely be able to have more flexibility in your move dates. When scheduling your move, try to be flexible with your move dates, if possible. Remember, by staying flexible, you can make your move a little less stressful and cheaper.

When should I start contacting removalists for estimates?

Ideally, begin your move 8 – 10 weeks outside of your desired move date. If this is not possible, try to allow as much time as possible in between scheduling your estimates and the day you want to move. Decide which movers in Adelaide you are going to use at least 4 – 6 weeks from the move date, then call the movers to confirm your booking and schedule your packing, loading and delivery dates. You can shorten this time frame if moving is in the off-peak season.

What are the standard pick-up and delivery times?

Our morning slot commences with arrival onsite between 7-8 am and pending our moving schedule we do offer an afternoon moving slot which requires some flexibility but usually 1-2 pm arrival which is suited to smaller removals.

Do you do moves for customers in flats or hard to access places?

My Moovers has a fleet of moving trucks suited to any moving size and through the booking process advising our office consultant of all relevant details will help us to pre-plan how to best approach your removals.

Do you protect furniture during the move?

All of your furniture during moving is going to be wrapped in heavy-duty blankets. We also have custom made plastic protectors for dining chairs, lounge suites and different sized mattresses for purchase.

Do you offer packing and unpacking services?

Yes, whether it be one room or your entire house or office, our removalist team is experienced professionals to pack your valuables.

Are there any additional or hidden fees on moving day?

Definitely not, regardless of whether you opt for a fixed price or hourly rate the price you’re quoted during the booking process is what will stand on moving day.

What is an in-home estimate?

We offer free in-home estimates upon a customer request. One of our customer service representatives will visit you home and make an accurate inventory of the things that require to be moved. These in-home estimates can provide a more accurate moving quote.

Is the removal estimate free?

Yes, removal estimates are free and the customer is under no obligation to accept the quote. You can also use our online estimator for rates and to book your local or long-distance move.

How do I move my plants?

Since most plants are fragile, delicate, and temperatures can often affect the plant’s well-being, we suggest that you move your plants in your own vehicle so they can be better secured and in a temperature-controlled area. However, if your plants are too big for your vehicle, we will load them onto the truck and secure them as best as possible.

What should I do with my pets on moving day?

Pets can often become uneasy or stressed during the moving process, so it is best to remove your pet(s) from the house and find a familiar home for them to stay during the moving day.

If I need to reschedule my moving date, what should I do?

Not a problem at all, just give our Perth removalists a call, and they will arrange a new date and time that suits you.


Amy and Guri were fantastic, very helpful and efficient in moving my things. They were polite and were good at communicating the logistics. I’m very happy with the service. Good removal company in Adelaide. Five star removalists Adelaide!



Ammy and Guri were very helpful and moved my items with care and professionalism. I would highly recommend both of them. They have done the job with extreme care. Best and cheap removalists Adelaide. Highly recommended!



Guri and Yogesh were great, putting up with my millions of boxes and got everything done on a single trip, Price was amazing and the job was perfect. Recommend very highly !. Great moving company in Adelaide. Recommended!



The Guys Ronnie and Max did the move very efficiently and professionally, they helped me pack and get organized at my new place. They were humble and wrapped everything with care and perfection. Best removalists Adelaide, Recommended! best local removalist.

Anna Homolya

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My Moovers – Adelaide
Average rating:  
 30 reviews
 by Saagar

There is no doubt about the fact that they were fast and efficient. The Adelaide movers helped me move a lot of furniture, and the guys were very helpful and hard working. They came on time and did all tasks with care without causing any damage. We had planned an interstate move and they assisted us on each step of the way for this long move. We have already recommended them to many of our friends. I think best house removalists Adelaide.

 by Chikos Lulu

Removalists did an acceptable job. For the remainder of our moving day the customer service team called me to write a review. This was quiet frustrating considering how busy we were but service was good, I will give five star.

 by Jinni And Sahib

We hired Removalists after so much research online. We are happy that we made the right choice. Movers managed to Move a two-bedroom unit within a 20km distance to another 3 bedroom unit with stairs. The guys were right on time, managed to pack all, and worked so so hard. They helped carry a very heavy antique cabinet at the new place through stairs. Nothing damaged and no extra cost charged. We definitely will use these removalists Adelaide again.

 by Jacob And Susain

The moving team gave us excellent services! Movers were quick and efficient. We were living at the same place for ages and therefore we had loads of furniture to be moved. Sameer and Sid from the team managed well with no problems. There were no last minute emergencies and hurdles and they charged just what they quoted. We would highly recommend to my friends in the future. Best removalists I have ever used.

 by Antonio

Sahib and Rishi – were an absolute dream team – efficient, personable, professional and I must say -strong lifters. I don’t have any complaints as they were super good. They managed to complete the move, door to door in less time than I anticipated. Great work guys. I’d highly recommend them for moving stuff anywhere in Australia. Hire them as they’ve nailed the job every single time. Thanks, guys!!

 by Evelyn

Moved a one-bedroom from a house to an apartment. From my experience, I certainly don’t have anything to complain about this moving company. The boys from MyMoovers team were polite and the communication with Rahul was exceptionally prompt and clear. I would definitely give them another go if I needed to. Job well-done guys. I appreciate your service. Best Removalists Adelaide I have ever used.

 by Jane

We have to downsize for a few weeks so our belongings had to be moved over two days to two different locations. Iqbal and Amar from MyMoovers team were so courteous and professional! They were extremely careful with our belongings and very organized in how they dismantled and loaded each item, maneuvering in some very tight spaces. They worked very fast and efficiently so the cost was very reasonable. I have complete trust in this moving company.

 by Koodz Hansson

Great service, friendly and punctual when it came time to arrive and move everything, no issues with heavy items and the job was seemless, well done!

 by Larry Bagan

Last Friday, this moving company moved our home furnishings and I was very impressed by the way Thiago and Rod did their job. They were right at the time of arrival and worked very hard during the three hours they worked for me. They worked quickly and carefully making sure our furniture was kept safe, especially with my wife’s precious possessions. I would definitely use them again, thank you for your professional work ethic. Oh, and one last thing they offer “real value for their money.”

 by Lori

Moved from a 2 room house to a townhouse. Only a short move one suburb over but these. They did an awesome job. Gurpinder and sahib arrived on time and did the entire move in half time. The move was done quickly and we got ample time to sort our stuff and furniture. They powered through and got it done before time…I would recommend this moving company in the future.

 by Shreen

Excellent Service! Their moving service was without a doubt very good. They easily moved all my stuff without any extra charges. Their professional team was very helpful. They did their work wonderfully. I am completely satisfied with My Moovers service. Will surely recommend it to my nears and dears. Dave and Shreen

 by Rishi And Jaspreet

Moving to the new house was very quick. They were professional and maintained high standards. The team of two worked very hard at a very fast-pace and it took less than expected time. It took almost 4 hours to move to a penthouse. They did not charge anything extra. A very affordable moving company. Would definitely have them again. I recommend others to hire them as well.

 by Wayne Porter

Ray & Joe Turned up on time moved everything 3 bedrooms plus a garage all in 5 hrs 10kilometres Awesome work, boys great job. Very very happy with the work. Highly recommended!

 by Jason Brian

Jason and Brian got dead on time, they were so charming, polite and efficient. They did a wonderful job. Moving is usually a pretty challenging time, but their efforts made it much less stressful. Extremely happy with this service. I highly recommend them and will definitely use removals adelaide again.

 by Jasper

There is not a single thing I can think of to complain about. Everything the My Moovers people did to move me was up to the mark. Proper packing, proper moving, good transportation, everything went so smoothly. They couldn’t have done anything better than this. If I ever have to move again I will definitely choose them to do it again for me.

 by Corey

This moving company was very accommodating and did everything we asked for. They did so much hard work and didn’t even take a break to finish the work quickly. These people sent by MyMoovers were highly skilled and made no mistake. No damages, good attitude, and quick paced. They covered all the basic and required elements of a good mover. Would happily use them again in future.

 by Clark

I was very anxious about my 2-bedroom move a few days ago. There were many large and heavy appliances and furniture pieces that I was highly worried about getting damaged. But this moving company proved to be the solution to all my worries. The team at MyMoovers helped me generously from the start to the very end of the moving process. The results were beyond my expectations!

 by Russell Dalton

Shanky and part were professional and very friendly, and time efficient. They moved large and heavy furniture items with ease, even in the hot weather. Recommended 100%

 by Jackson

Hire them if you want a professional moving service. We had two incredible boys- Chetan and Saral who carried out the entire move effortlessly. Our new furniture from a retail space to our home. The team texted ahead & arrived on time. They were polite and provided quality service. We would highly recommend them for a residential or commercial job! Highly recommended.

 by Coral

Sarab and Max arrived on time as committed. They loaded my stuff in a very efficient and professional manner. Moreover, I was impressed by their politeness. They then delivered everything to the new house without causing any damage. They were just great! The customer service guys of MyMoovers were helpful too and sorted all my issues. I’m not planning on moving again any time soon but can wholeheartedly recommend them.

 by Sushant And Anamika

Totally reliable moving company! We got quotes from several companies but MyMoovers were the only company who took time to come around and see the job and quote us the best offer with no hidden charges. Packing and unloading was done right on time. Extremely impressed. We will hire them again!

 by Galbi

I booked packaging material along with moving services! The quality of cartons, bubble wrap, shrink wrap was good. Sahib and Simar were reliable, tough, and definitely knew what they were doing. Everything was carefully packed. I was worried about fragile stuff, but as it was perfectly packed, so no damages. So, everything was reasonable and clear. We would highly recommend this Moving company to all.

 by Suzi

Our local move fell during the lockdown period, so we were afraid of delays. MyMoovers provided all necessary protection: we ordered the services online and confirmed the order over the call. The helpers came to us with masks and gloves, which I’m especially thankful for. Thanks for helping us with the move during the pandemic time.

 by Ben Howling

My Movers are excellent. I’ve now used them twice in the last 6 months. Great service and great value.

 by Pauline And David

The Removalist arrived right on time and moved the furniture and boxes down the split apartment quickly and without any damage to anything. The guys unloaded furniture and stuff just as fast. Will recommend my friends and family to this company, and it’s great service.

 by Hetal

Great Job! We had a four-bedroom house and moved to a two-storey house. The guys were fantastic and ensured no damage to our furniture. The move was started on time, and they finished moving everything in 4 hours.

 by Jake

The movers are very polite and keen to get working. Everything to be moved was packed and stored in 1 room, so it took only 20 mins to load the truck. We then went down to my storage facility and loaded the truck with the rest of my items. All up, it took less than 1 hour from arriving at our house until they were ready to leave the storage facility. Great job!

 by Tara

Moving from a town house to a 4 bedroom house. It was only a small move with only moving half of the things we owned. The guys were efficient and on time. Mandeep and Hardeep are great movers.

 by Kelly Cryston

We had 3 strong, reliable, happy and Co-operative guys to move us from a house that had various levels and many stairs. The move was done in great time, with no issues. We have moved many times and this was the most stress free and easy. Thank you guys, you’ve done an awesome job.

 by Mike

Completely professional and quality moving company. The team was hard working and dedicated to give their best. Sahil and Saksham, two guys sent by My Moovers Removalists Sydney, were very helpful and open to suggestions for the move. They were tremendously careful which made our move possible without any damages. The team was quick and efficient to move with. Thanks for going beyond my expectations.