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At My Moovers, our top priority is to provide a positive and seamless moving experience (Removalists Brisbane) for our customers whether you’re moving across the street or interstate – we can help make your move hassle-free.

My Moovers has been in the removals industry for over 20 years. We set up shop as a local movers in Brisbane many years ago and since then, My Moovers has expanded across Australia offering removals in Brisbane and Storage Solutions for both residential and businesses.

We are Australia’s Largest Family-Owned removalists in Brisbane and are the removalists of choice for over 3000 plus people in the last year.

Over the years, My Moovers has built a reputation for service of excellence. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with reliable and affordable removalists options for any size move. Whether it’s a small or large residential home or office relocation, we’ll plan your relocation around your needs. So that means you can enjoy, relax and have a “PEACE OF MIND” knowing your valuable belongings are protected.

When needing a trustworthy and reliable Brisbane Removalist more people want the BEST removalists Brisbane has to offer. When Relocating your valuable belongings, you want EXPERIENCE on your side!

cheap and best Removalists Brisbane
Cheap Removalists Brisbane

Our Services

House Movers Melbourne

Local Removals

We provide comprehensive local removals in Brisbane catered to all your needs. Our Brisbane removalists are the best at getting the job done right in a seamless manner. Whether your local move takes you across the city or down the street, My Moovers can handle any local home or office removal at affordable rates.

Office Movers Melbourne

Interstate Removals

My Moovers is your professional interstate removalist. We deliver the best moving experiences and affordable rates to customers all across Australia. Interstate home or office removals are typically more than 150 km so we make sure that you have the best removalists in Brisbane to get you organized for a move either from Brisbane to Sydney or Brisbane to Gold Coast.

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Office Removals

Moving an office is not an easy task! It involves a lot of organizing and planning for successful office relocation. The last thing any business owner wants is to lose productivity due to the office moving, which is why a business should trust your office removals to a professional office removalist service. Eliminating the stress of office relocation is simple with My Moovers.

Packing and Unpacking service

Specialized Removals

Sometimes during a house or office relocation, you may need to move some valuable and bulky items such as piano’s, pool tables and antique items. Relocating bulky and high-value items requires a removal specialist like My Moovers. Our specialized movers will use special wrapping techniques that will keep even the most fragile items safe during your move. My Moovers employs only the best movers so we are ready to assist you with any specialized removal services in Brisbane.

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Storage Solutions

Need short or long term storage for your belongings? Our clean and reliable storage facility offers premium storage solutions to accommodate every need. Perfect for storing extra equipment, furniture, or boxes. Our temperature-controlled storage to our highly knowledgeable staff onsite discover how My Moovers can help you find a solution for all of your storage needs.

Moving Supplies service of removals melbourne

Removals Supply Store

My Moovers offers a complete line of moving and packing supplies specifically designed to make packing and loading easier. We have products to satisfy all of your moving needs. Whether it's boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap or any other type of packing supplies, My Moovers wants to make moving that much easier for you. We offer delivery options to Brisbane and metro areas. Visit our removals supply store for all our moving and packing supplies

Brisbane Removalists - Why Choose My Moovers

My Moovers Brisbane continues to be 100% committed to:

  • We take pride in making sure your belongings get safely and efficiently to your new home, whether it’s down the street or across the city.
  • My Moovers offer a wide range of services that will make your move within or out of Brisbane as simple and stress-free as it can be.
  • We provide at least two men and a truck to move the items from your home or business to where they need to go.
  • Our service is fully insured, and our commitment to making sure your belongings arrive safe and sound.
  • We’ll always offer you the best deal we can, our aim is to make your move more budget-friendly.
Cheap local removalists brisbane

Frequently Asked Questions

Use My Moovers FAQs to help answer any questions you may have during your removals process. Our FAQs are designed to answer the most common questions our customers have when moving. From the pre-move planning through the packing process, the FAQs are here to help you during your relocation.

Removalists in Brisbane are busiest during the summer months. If you can move outside of the summer season, you will likely be able to have more flexibility in your move dates. When scheduling your move, try to be flexible with your move dates, if possible. Remember, by staying flexible, you can make your move a little less stressful and cheaper.

Ideally, begin your move 8 – 10 weeks outside of your desired move date. If this is not possible, try to allow as much time as possible in between scheduling your estimates and the day you want to move. Decide which movers in Brisbane you are going to use at least 4 – 6 weeks from the move date, then call the movers to confirm your booking and schedule your packing, loading and delivery dates. You can shorten this time frame if moving is in the off-peak season.

Our morning slot commences with arrival onsite between 7-8 am and pending our moving schedule we do offer an afternoon moving slot which requires some flexibility but usually 1-2 pm arrival which is suited to smaller removals.

My Moovers has a fleet of moving trucks suited to any moving size and through the booking process advising our office consultant of all relevant details will help us to pre-plan how to best approach your removals.

All of your furniture during moving is going to be wrapped in heavy-duty blankets. We also have custom made plastic protectors for dining chairs, lounge suites and different sized mattresses for purchase.

Yes, whether it be one room or your entire house or office, our removalist team is experienced professionals to pack your valuables.

Definitely not, regardless of whether you opt for a fixed price or hourly rate the price you’re quoted during the booking process is what will stand on moving day.

We offer free in-home estimates upon a customer request. One of our customer service representatives will visit you home and make an accurate inventory of the things that require to be moved. These in-home estimates can provide a more accurate moving quote.

Yes, removal estimates are free and the customer is under no obligation to accept the quote. You can also use our online estimator for rates and to book your local or long-distance move.

Your plants are delicate items. The stress of moving and the temperature outside may affect them. Not all removalists will take responsibility for maintaining the welfare of plants. We suggest that you bring your plants in your own personal vehicle to avoid any damage.

Your pets may become stressed on moving day. The doors of the house will also be opened and closed frequently throughout the day. We suggest that you find somewhere for them to stay on the moving day.

If your moving date changes, you should inform your Brisbane removalists as soon as you know.

Cheap local removalists brisbane

How To Make Sure You’re Choosing A Reputable Brisbane Removalist Company

When searching for removalists Brisbane you will find hundreds out there, which can make choosing the right one for your move difficult. My Moovers wants to make sure all of our possible clients know how to select a reputable and reliable removalist and not get taken for a ride. That’s why we’ve prepared the following list of things to research and do when choosing a removalist.

  1. Only use a removalists company that’s licensed.
  2. Choose a removalist that accepts most, if not all, payment options. Removalists that only accept cash may not be legitimate.
  3. Never pay for a moving estimate. Professional removalists in Brisbane will always offer a free moving estimate.
  4. Watch out for estimates that are “too good to be real” estimates. A low ball quote doesn’t always mean a low final bill. Some removalists will trick customers with low estimates that don’t include all the charges or advertise as the “cheap removalist Brisbane”. Always confirm what the estimate actually includes and go with the moving company that offers a comprehensive quote.
  5. Google and look for online reviews for the moving company and how they deal with customer complaints. If you can’t find any reviews or referrals for the company it’s usually a bad sign as they might be trying to hide something, or they might not even be a legitimate company.
  6. Select an experienced moving company. Long-running businesses are typically the most reliable. Take a look at the years of experience a removalist has before you hire them, if they’ve been around a long time, you know they know what they’re doing.
  7. Check the company’s cancellation policy. You should always be able to cancel your move and get your deposit back, within a reasonable time frame prior to the move.
  8. Make sure the removalists have a local number listed. Reputable removalists will have local phone numbers listed. It’s ok if they have an “1300” number for general inquiries, but always make sure there are local phone numbers listed as well.
  9. Always make sure any contract is complete and comprehensive before signing. Don’t sign anything with blanks or with parts missing.
  10. Choose a removalists in Brisbane that offers end to end solutions. Packing, unpacking, moving supplies and storage. This means the company is fully set up and can be a trusted removalist.

Moving And Packing Tips

At some point in life, it is pretty much inevitable that you will move homes. If you follow these simple tips, you can be relaxed and in your new home before you know it!

Making a moving folder is a reasonably simple step but important. As the process of packing up all your stuff begins vital paperwork may get lost or packed in a box that you won’t find until after you unpack. These important documents should include such items as moving agreement, recent rental agreement, new utilities agreements, etc.

Your next task is to declutter. The less you have the less that needs to be moved which will save you time and money. We never realize how much junk we accumulate until we need to move so start this process early. The golden rule, if it’s broken, you don’t use or not wear it in a year get rid of it!

The best movers in Brisbane will sell and deliver directly to your door quality packaging materials so make sure you ask when getting your quotes. Trying to gather enough boxes to fit all of your stuff and figure out how you are going to protect your mattress and furniture is not the easiest task when you don’t have proper supplies. The good thing is, once you purchase these quality items they can be used again and again. There are a broad variety of moving boxes for everything you may need to pack. This includes Portarobe with a hanging rail, book and art boxes, mattress and lounge covers, bubble wrap, butchers paper and more. 

After you have organized the supplies, you need, create a moving basket where you can keep all the supplies. These supplies would include tape, paper, labels, etc. If you have any kids running around this helps to have everything on hand so you are not constantly searching for it.

Utilizing a proper labelling system will save you a heap of time sorting through boxes trying to find things. It also helps in prioritizing the unpacking process. There are many possible ways to organize a labeling system but as long as you label what room each box goes into and also a number on each box it will be much easier for you. In a notebook, book write down, box 1 and the contents, box 2 and the contents and so on. Additionally, make sure you label the sides of the box so you can clearly identify when they are stacked. Have the removalists place the boxes directly into the room labeled on the box as this will help make the unpacking process more manageable.

After you have decluttered and found the right labeling system start packing the seasonal items that you won’t need until after the move. These items include holiday decorations, seasonal wear, formal wear, good dinnerware and it’s a great time to pack up your artwork/pictures.

This tip is very necessary and will save you a huge headache once you arrive at your new home. In the essentials bag pack the items, you use every day and a few changes of clothes. These items should include medicine, toiletries, toilet roll, paper towel, phone chargers, bedding, towels, paper plates, etc.

Trying to wire up electronics and keep track of what goes where and how is confusing! Therefore, the best way to tackle this is to photograph the wires at the back of your television or any other electronic setups. Later when you’re putting everything back together in your new house it will be a breeze. In addition, make sure you have one box for all your wires so you’re not searching through boxes and boxes.

It’s best to pack room by room and not mix items as much as possible. Here are some great tips on the best ways to pack certain items:


  1. Don’t prepare boxes too heavy and ensure the bottom will not fall out when picked up. If you do have certain heavy items, try packing them in suitcases or plastic bins with lids. Put heavier items at the bottom and lighter items at the top.
  2. Get creative and use clothes, tablecloths, tea towels and/or towels to wrap around breakables. You can in addition use pillows, cushions, and stuffed animals to pad things and keep them safe from breaking.
  3. Wrap items separately. Don’t try cutting corners and wrap things together like plates, mugs, etc. Make sure each piece is wrapped individually. 
  4. Don’t leave spaces in the boxes as the items will shift and possibly break. A great way to fill in the spaces is with clothes, stuffed animals, pillows, etc.
  5. If you have hired a professional removalist, they should always come with padded blankets, however; I find it’s best to wrap furniture with bubble wrap or plastic wrap in addition to having the removalists padded blankets to ensure everything is properly protected. 
  6. For TVs, electronic items, and other extremely fragile items it’s best to have the original box for packing. If you don’t have the original boxes then wrap these with bubble wrap and use blankets for padding. We also recommend taking these items in your car if you can. 
  7. Don’t just leave your jewelry in your jewelry box. With all the shifting, necklaces and earrings can get tangled, and you will have a dreadful mess. To prevent this from happening roll up your jewelry in a hand towel or paper towel. Fold over each edge to prevent the item from falling out and place it back into your jewelry box. 
  8. To give a bit more cushion to your glasses, especially fragile wine glasses, stuff socks in them and then wrap then with bubble wrap. Also, make sure glasses always get packed upright.
  9. To prevent losing screws when removing screws from furniture items, place them in a zip lock bag and place them in your essentials bag.
  10. Have an esky and ice packs on hand to place the food from the fridge into.
  11. If you don’t want to be putting beds and furniture back together late at night most professional removalists will help you assemble any furniture. Make sure you ask as they don’t just tend to do it.
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Use Good Packing Materials
Furniture Removals
Furniture Removals

Brisbane, QLD, And Other General Moving Information

Brisbane is the third-largest city in Australia but the largest in Queensland, has a population of approximately 2.5 million. 

City of Brisbane is well known for its distinct Queenslander architecture which forms much of the city’s built heritage and is situated inside a peninsula of the Brisbane River.

Brisbane is well serviced by public transport and lifestyle amenities. There are several local schools, various shopping precincts, and the area enjoys a wide selection of parks and recreational activities.


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Trustworthy removalists company with professional staff Peter & Naveen. Done job moving very smoothly I would hire them again Thanks! Cheap removals Brisbane and good commercial removalists.

Max Villalva

Ravinder Singh and Vaibhav were fantastic- Extremely efficient, friendly and careful furniture removalist. Recommended to friends for  local removalists help. Best removalists in Brisbane and moving services.


My Moovers Team finished removals job within 3 hours, good workers. I am very impressed. Highly recommend them to all. Thanks, guys Fantastic job. Easy moving process. Moved my office furniture smoothly.


Thank you Marcas and Peter. You are both very professional removalists and all the furniture is in good condition. Very good removal companies in brisbane. Have good knowledge of packing materials.


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by Brandt R on My Moovers

Nitin & Dalip were very professional and would recommend their service. They arrived on time, packed and quicly and moved safely. No damage, no sctrach.

by Rano M on My Moovers

Everything was perfect. The two guys were very friendly and professional with their job. The furniture was safely wrapped. And the speed with the value we’re amazing. Definitely would recommend.

by Zoe on My Moovers

Greate experience. I moved my house, booked online and staff reached with truck on time. Requested only for 6 tons truck, but that was 10 tons. My all stuff was packed smoothly. No damage, thanks guys. Recommended!

by Isla on My Moovers

From Brisbane Removalists Max and Ian were fantastic. Thye reached on time, They were very gentel, hard working and quick. Packed very quicly, loaded very quicly and moved fast. I am very happy. i am happy to give them five stars rating.

by Shivam on My Moovers

Asked for big truck provided a small truck, 1 hour late. I was worried but they did a fast job. Quickly packed, loaded and moved. All the stuff is safe, no scratch. Removalists behavior was gentle, I offered them water and coffee but they denied. overall good service.

by Mark on My Moovers

Fantastic guys, really done great work. My pool table is safe, although it was a very tuff task but moved very smoothly. I am really happy with the service. Appreciated and highly recommended! I will give you 10 out of 10.

by David Kazakoff on My Moovers

Amit and Navi. Superstars. Listened. Broke down furniture and reassembled. Worked as fast as humanly possible without breaking a thing.

by Julius and Shiela on My Moovers

I’m satisfied with the work that Jeevan And Rupesh did to help us in our big move! They were extremely delicate in moving all items which is a big relief for anyone moving. Highly recommended and won’t hesitate to book them again should we move again in the future!

by Sam Burns on My Moovers

Aditya and Sukhpreet did a great job moving all of my belongings to our new house. We were very pleased with how careful they were with all of our things.

by Faye on My Moovers

Both the movers are very gentel, fast and quick, done good work. well done Job! More moves for this 2 staff. They are the best! Recommended.

by Ket on My Moovers

3 bed house with study moved with great care. Highly recommend using them. On time arrival and no time lags in stacking up and delivering on time. Thank you, I am very happy with the service.

by Matteo Verzi on My Moovers

Unprofessional head office and customer service. Borderline slavery for the poor drivers ( who where actually very nice and accommodating ). had a job booked for Monday the 3rd, Sydeny to Melbourne. 6.30am pickup. Premium service ( truck for myself ). Clear and precise list of belongings sent: I’ve been recommended the biggest truck for the job. – received many confirmation emails with wrong delivery address (clearly stated many times), wrong date (2nd), and wrong pickup time ( 8am ). Had to call… View More

by Megan Beckwith on My Moovers

Gaurav Pandit and Vikas Dhaiya worked very hard, made my move and good experience. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a removal service. The best removalists Brisbane services I have ever used.

by Bhoop Singh on My Moovers

Today I had a moving with Manjeet and Anoop. They did a very excellent job. They both worked very fast and safely. Highly recommended. Thanks

by Sharon Tuuta on My Moovers

Nitin and Dalip thank you so much for your help… you two are very hard workers and removal men with manners. You really make my day. Higly recommended. Special care for fragile items.

by Jacob on My Moovers

Fantastic and professional service. Removalists were polite, efficient, punctual and were very careful with all items. The fee was incredibly reasonable, I will definitely use this service again and would recommend it to anyone looking to move out.

by Henry on My Moovers

Professional staff, friendly and very helpful. The removalists took great care of my belongings and the building, especially when moving my heavy refrigerator down a difficult staircase. Cheap rates compared to other companies.

by Christina Hill on My Moovers

The two movers were fantastic! Fast, friendly and able to move down small hallways in my apartment. Would recommend to anyone!

by Ursala Mahesan on My Moovers

Virender singh and sachin sachin were extremely helpful. They were very professional and got the job done really well. We can definitely recommend them to anyone who wants their house moved safely.

by Aaron Vassallo on My Moovers

Jaat Virender Bura and Sachin Bandrana were very professional and efficient in our moving jobs. It was not an easy move as we had lots of heavy items and very steep stairs but they were able to navigate them without damaging ir dropping any of our belongings. Great job guys.

by Madeleine on My Moovers

We will definitely use this company again and recommend them to anyone. Izzy, Jerry, and Hamish were amazing. Very fast, careful and friendly. There was absolutely no fault with this service. After a bad experience, the day before with another company and having to book at the last minute for the next day; stress was definitely taken from us with these guys being absolutely perfect. The booking was also very easy and Bella was very informative and kept us updated all the time.

by Ashleigh on My Moovers

In October last year, Rob and Isaiah helped us move home. They were amazing! We were surprised at the amount of energy they put in to make the movement as fast and painless as possible. We underestimated the amount of things we had, so they had to make a second trip, absolutely no complaints on their behalf, they just destroyed it and did the job. Well done, boys. You were amazing! Also, the young man in the office that made the reservation (I forgot your name now, but you were an Irish companion… View More

by Abbey on My Moovers

Our move was in very humid weather, but Rob and Tony worked non-stop for 5 hours to get the job done. All furniture carefully wrapped to protect from rain. They carefully and expertly handled the only elevator in the building and stairs without markings or damage. The boys were kind and courteous. They did their job well in the rain and humidity. A very easy company to deal with and I would recommend it to anyone.

by Charlotte on My Moovers

The booking process was simple and the follow-up by the office staff was first class. When William and Luciano gave me an update of their estimated arrival, they arrived on time. The boys worked outright the whole time they were there. His attention to detail when wrapping, packing and loading my furniture was exceptional. They had my shipment loaded and delivered it within the time I expected it would take. Overall excellent service from start to finish. I will definitely use your service again… View More

by Kentery on My Moovers

Wonderful company to deal with. I requested a quote online and the response was very quick. They sent someone within the week to evaluate our content. The content was packed extremely well and everything was done safely on the other side. They did the whole process so simple and stress-free.

by Thomson on My Moovers

We’ve moved in with these guys three times, they’re amazing. They are very fast and efficient, we have never had a problem. They value their movements fairly and are more than happy to help with any additional help needed. I highly recommend these engines!

by Connor on My Moovers

I felt confident that our movement was in good hands after talking to Wayne at my first consultation. The truck arrived on time and the furniture moved carefully. Upon arriving at the delivery location, they were very happy to move some existing furniture to different rooms. We definitely recommend and use Removalist for any future movement.

by Sebastian on My Moovers

We were very happy with our move on Thursday. Zack and Josh arrived on time and worked tirelessly and efficiently for us to set up in our new home. They took care of our furniture and helped put it back together. We strongly recommend these guys to everyone.

by Isaac on My Moovers

If we could give a higher star rating, we would. Very professional from the first phone consultation to the end of the move. Very personal and delivered what they promised. It was great to deal with Wayne on the phone and with Josh and the efficient and nice packing and lifting team to deal with. I recommend this company both by service and by price. We will definitely use them when we move into our new home within 9 months.

by Noah on My Moovers

Josh, Sid, and Ian from Removalists were amazing. From the moment they arrived at the moment they left us, worked very hard, communicated very well and nothing we asked for was a problem. They were courteous, attentive and professional. Wayne kept us informed before our move-in date and day. We strongly recommend this company to anyone and would use it over and over again.

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