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My Moovers: Removalists Gold Coast is a trusted and reliable Moving Company platform for Local & Interstate moves. Over the years, 100,000 plus Australians have trusted us to find a long-distance and local removalist on our online moving platform. Everyone claims to be cheap removalists Gold Coast or the best moving companies. Everyone can’t be the best or the cheapest, right!

My Moovers give you the peace of mind that the Gold Coast removalists on our platform have the experience. In addition, they also have insurance and national police checks to make your move safe and stress-free. So for all your removalists servicing needs, trust My Moovers.

Big or small and even office relocation; we connect you with a friendly team and tailor-make a package to suit your needs. When moving, you want “EXPERIENCE” on your side. Therefore get connected and hire removalists Gold Coast crews that you can trust and rely on for all your moving needs.

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Movers Gold Coast


Trained, experienced movers nationally and growing.

Removals gold coast


Families moved.

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Devoted support staff dedicated to your needs.

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House Movers Gold Coast

Moving House Gold Coast

My Moovers connects you with a full range of easy door to door moving services. If you need local, country or interstate removalists Gold Coast, we provide a STRESS-FREE experience.

Office Movers Gold Coast

Office Movers Gold Coast

Forget the hassles of moving your office. We will connect you with the trusted office furniture removals Gold Coast crews and keep downtime to a minimum.

Furniture Removals Gold Coast

Furniture Removals Gold Coast

My Moovers can also match you with trusted furniture removals Gold Coast teams that do small moves or small pick-ups. We handle small moves with small prices to match!

Movers and Packers Gold Coast

Movers & Packers Gold Coast

Leave the stress of packing/unpacking to the removalist company! There are many options to choose from depending on the volume and removal needs.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services Gold Coast

Home, office or end of lease cleaning services, we can connect you with worry-free cleaning services in one simple booking.


Transfer of Utilities

Don’t spend hours on hold transferring your utilities. My Moovers can handle this task quickly and easily.

Why 100,000 + Families Have Chosen Us As Their Removalists Gold Coast Team

Servicing long-distance and local moving from Gold Coast to Brisbane and surrounding suburbs

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Have The Perfect Day With Our Gold Coast Removalists

My Moovers make sure you can sit back, relax and have an easy-going perfect day. We connect you to affordable Gold Coast removalists packages for all your needs. With us, move your belongings safely and correctly.

Get Connected With The Services You Need

Get connected with all the services that you need at one great price.
Furthermore, we have vetted hard working removalists Gold Coast crews. They can pack, transfer your utilities, clean and move you. Above all, aim to make the process easy. Contact us today for a FREE quote.

Move Offices With An Expert

We know that moving an office needs extra care. Thus, our online moving platform pairs you with a team of expert office Gold Coast removalists. Also, the crews can handle heavy items, high rises and the most challenging jobs.

Cheap Removalists Gold Coast

Our platform and level of Furniture removers are unmatched. Hence we always match you up with top quality service at a great rate. But, unfortunately, the cheapest isn’t always the best. With My Moovers, you get quality at a great price, not just cheap removalists Gold Coast crews doing the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use our FAQs to help answer any questions you may have about your move.

Which removalist will be moving me?

We find highly recommended teams to suit your job, then provide you with their quote, name and contact details. Also, we only work with established Gold Coast removalists who will take good care of you. Should an issue arise, you can contact the My Moovers customer service team for full support.

Who do I speak to if I have questions?

Our on-call support team guides you through the moving process. Our team takes full responsibility and helps make your move easy.

When is the best time to move?

Winter tends to be less busy. As a result, you can find some great deals and cheap removalists Gold Coast rates than the busy summer months.

What are the standard pick-up and delivery times?

Morning moves start at 7-8 am, and afternoon moves between 1-2 pm. Afternoon moves are generally better for small removals.

Are there any extra fees on moving day?

We stand by our quotes. Whether you choose a fixed price or hourly rate, the price you get quoted is what we stand by.

If I need to rebook my moving date, what should I do?

In the event, you need to rebook your removal services, call our office. They will then arrange a new moving date that suits you for the movers Gold Coast team to come.

Before selecting a removalist, there are a few things to consider

How much do movers in Gold Coast charge?

Moving all of your personal effects to a new home can be a huge task. If you are moving out of the family home, downsizing or off to school, your move needs to be well planned. 

Before hiring the services of a moving company, you need to think of the below when knowing how much the movers will charge.

Removalists can charge anywhere from $75.00-$300.00 per hour. The final cost comes down to one thing; how complex your move is. The less complex the move, the less time it will take, resulting in a lower price. 

The factors that movers gauge the price on are the below:

1. The volume of items being moved

Generally, the first question the removalist will ask is, what is the size of your home. Your home’s size will allow the company to know how many movers they will require for the job. It also allows them to know how long it will take to complete the job. 

For example, a one bedroom flat generally will have a lot fewer items than a three bedroom house. The more time it takes, the more movers the job needs and the larger the truck, the more money the move will be.

2. The distance travelled during the move

The cost of a removalist will vary depending on how far the removal company must travel to your new home. Those who book a long distance move will expect to pay more than those who book a move within a short distance or the same city. 

Moving during peak months vs the winter off-season will most often pay more as well. Also, during the week vs on the weekend may be more money. Factoring in peak driving times can also play a part in the final cost too. 

3. The move’s difficulty

Your removals may cost more due to several factors the movers might encounter during the move. Stairs, elevators, limited parking, large, awkward furniture or arrow hallways /door frames all add to the difficulty and time it takes to move. Be honest and upfront with the moving companies when getting a quote. The more information you can provide them, the more accurate the quote will be. No one likes unwelcome surprises that can be avoided in the first place. 

4. Services required

If you choose to add extra services such as packing or unpacking, or storage, these services will add to your final price. Do you need these added services, make sure you inform the movers so they can provide you with a proper quote. If you don’t require any added services, make sure you are fully packed and the furniture is disassembled. This will reduce time and result in more savings.

The cheapest isn't always the best

If you try to save a few dollars by going the cheap route, you may end up spending more. Everyone wants to find ways to save money. However, there are some areas where we should not cut corners in our quest for savings. 

Some companies may quote you a low hourly rate, but they will work slow and work more hours than an experienced mover. Also, keep in mind that any move requires at least two movers.

Be wary of moving companies with a perfect 5-star rating

Nobody is perfect, and no business is either. There will always be mistakes or unhappy customers, no matter how much experience or years in the industry. 

An important factor to consider is how the company deals with those unhappy reviews. Has the company replied? Have they provided them with a solution? 

Do your research; there are many credible sites that provide reviews, such as Google and many sites that are not credible.

Packing materials are not included

Packing materials such as boxes, bubble wrap, paper, tape etc., are not included when you book a removalist. You can either buy those items through a removal company or gather them yourself. 

The cost of buying packing materials through removal companies is relatively low, considering that all materials are heavy duty and will withstand the move. They can also provide you with the proper amount of materials that are required. The removalists also have many different specialty items for packing. These items include mattress and furniture covers, boxes for TV’s and other electronics, art boxes and more. 

Movers do provide carpet/floor/wall protectors and furniture pads. 

If you decide to gather your own supplies, ensure that the boxes are heavy-duty and you use proper packing tape. White butchers paper is better than newspaper. Newspaper ink may bleed onto your items, so use caution which items you wrap with newspaper. You can also use blankets, towels and other linens as cushioning.

Moving oversized or fragile items

For items such as piano’s, pool tables, oversized furniture or fragile/antique items, you need to notify the moving company ahead of time. The movers need to ensure they have the proper equipment and the correct number of movers to handle these items. Items of this nature take time and special care, and that all needs to be factored into the quote.

Covid Protocols for Removalists Gold Coast

Removalists are in the news lately due to a recent breach in Covid protocols. Removalists in Sydney who travelled to Melbourne have put NSW and Victoria in lockdown.

At My Moovers, we take the Covid-19 guidelines seriously. Removalists are an essential service. We need to ensure we keep our customers, staff and community safe and minimize the spread of Covid-19.

Situations change rapidly with new guidelines and restrictions. The My Moovers compliance team is in constant contact with the local health department.

We ensure all our movers adhere to safe moving practices by wearing masks, increased hygiene and social distancing at all times.

Please notify us as soon as possible if you or anyone in your household is experiencing Covid symptoms. Also, if you have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19. My Moovers can reschedule your move after any quarantine requirements are completed.

If moving is not absolutely necessary, we strongly advise you to reassess, especially if you live in a COVID-19 “hotspot.”


One of the best things about working with My Moovers was their excellent removalists services at such pocket-friendly and affordable prices. Honestly, I don’t think I have any complaints with the movers who transported my goods without any damages. They were friendly, interactive, and quite experienced at what they were doing. I would definitely recommend this team to everyone in my circle.



For the past few weeks we were really worried about how our move will turn out to be. From the moment My Moovers team arrived, they assured us that everything will go according to the plan. These professional moving guys were very hard working. They did not take a single break and hence, no time was wasted. There were no damages during the move. Would surely recommend them to everyone including friends.



I have moved with a plethora of moving company, but the experience with My Moovers was very different. Right from the first call, all the services they provided were upto the mark. Moreover, the guys sent by My Moovers were highly skilled, cheerful and polite. My move was completed very smoothly. None of my belongings were damaged and we wrapped up at the right time. I’m happy to recommend them to everyone.



A few weeks ago, we were very worried about the size and distance of our move. Upon contacting My Moovers, a lot of our moving problems were quickly sorted and a date was set. The movers showed up 15 minutes ahead of schedule on the moving day and everything was handled impressively. We were especially amazed by the team’s ability to carry multiple items without dropping them. Thank you MyMoovers!

Madeline and Sawyer


Awesome job done by the team, what you hear during the sale is what you get. The team arrived on time. Careful when dealing with items. They did a terrific job my old apartment was high rise. Thanks, guys you made our move easy. Best local removals Gold Coast.



Great service. Quick and thorough and safe would recommend any time. Everything moved without breakage and in the least amount of time. The guys were friendly and efficient. Really saved my back. Best and Cheap removal company in Gold Coast.

Ezana Gessese


The guys did such great job and very helpful to use during our move. We would definitely recommend My Moovers to anyone needing professional and friendly movers. Highly recommend. Thanks! Best gold coast moves. Good customer service .



My Moovers guys helped me move my 2 bedroom townhouse to my new home. Very polite guys. I asked where everything needed to put and also helped assemble stuff. Recommend for a safe move. high quality moving service. Stress free move.



After experiencing disastrous moves in the past, we were in search of a moving company who could spare us this horror. After a long wait and search we finalised MyMoovers. My friends recommended this moving company to us. Though we were hesitant in the beginning but we took the chance with our fingers crossed. By grace of God- we didn’t face even a slightest problem. Sahel and Manoj from the team were so professional and helpful. They helped us during our entire move.

George and Ria


Great move in service and small office! Kristie was very honest with all the charges and there were no hidden fees with which we were extremely happy. The guys who helped us move out and apologized for not remembering their names did a fantastic job even with some difficulties (our roof was a little low for beds) managed to bring our furniture safely to our new home. We cannot thank you enough and we will not hesitate to use this company again if necessary.

Monty Crystal


This is the 2nd time I hired MyMoovers. Each time we worked with an expert moving team. Pricing is always fair and doesn’t hurt a wallet. They were responsible and careful. Simar and Ram were on time and extremely polite. Thank you for the extra protection of my belongings and the pleasant atmosphere during the whole move. I highly recommend this moving company.




I am very thankful to My Moovers as they moved my stuff to my new place right on time and that too without breaking anything, not even a scratch. Special thanks to Molly and Sidharth from this moving company- they were extra careful of my belongings and their transfer service was very good at affordable prices. Thanks, once again My Moovers



I am very thankful to My Moovers Removalists and every individual involved in my move. These guys made my move from Gold Coast very smooth and trouble-free. I expected some hiccups but there was none. They took care of everything. None of my belongings were damaged. They provide this quality of service at a very decent price. It was really easy to move with them. Highly recommended.



I have used them twice and would definitely consider them again. These guys are fantastic, nice, polite, and efficient guys. They didn’t have any sort of hidden fees or charges. Definitely recommend my favorite movers My Moovers to everyone. Thanks for your professional service.



I asked MyMoovers for a fixed quote and unlike other moving company who were unwilling to provide a service to my requirements and of affordable value, they did. They really were very patient with me asking so many questions, good customer support team. They finished the move very quickly and without any damages. I really appreciate the kind of work they did and definitely recommend them.



Rob and Tye just completed my move from the GC to Brisbane. I couldn’t talk any better. Fast, efficient, helpful, and friendly guys moving into a hotel apartment. Nothing was too much for them. I couldn’t believe how fast they were. They’re Team A! Thanks a lot, guys. My daughter’s move is next. I wouldn’t use anyone else.


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 2 reviews
 by Bryce Harper

My family and I decided to move from Gold Coast to Sydney. We were confused about deciding on which moving company we should choose and everyone gave way to high priced quote. Then we came across My Moovers and they were affordable and they cleared all my concerns regarding the move. On the moving day, we got to meet Satinder and Raman, they were professional and friendly and I was satisfied with their service.

 by Nia

We had loads of furniture and fragile stuff to move 14km away. The roads were broken but My Moovers guys managed to move our stuff through damaged roads, they remained extra careful throughout and we nothing broke because of their good quality packing. Superb removalists. Highly recommended