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My Moovers Penrith


Removals Made Easy With The Best Moving Company In Penrith

Professional, Trusted and Cheap Movers In Penrith


Removals Made Easy With The Best Moving Company In Penrith

Professional, Trusted and Cheap Movers In Penrith

Removalists In Penrith

Furniture Removals and Movers Penrith

My Moovers is the most trusted and cheap Removalists in Penrith. We have 500 trained and experienced Removalists, 150 dedicated moving trucks. We successfully moved 50,000 families in the last 12 months. My Moovers started from humble beginnings but we have quickly become a Penrith Removalist of choice. We are specialists in all aspects of moving while never forgetting our roots and continuing to be locally operated.

Make your move stress-free by hiring the expert who is the moving company specialists. My Moovers has extensive knowledge and experience in local and long-distance removals.

We are a team of expert house movers with many years of experience in the house moving, furniture removals, and relocation. We treat each of our customers moving jobs as our very own. Therefore your items during the move will be handled with the utmost care. From your first experience with our dedicated customer service removals team right up to your moving day. Hire our expert house movers and you will soon see why we have grown to be such a force so quickly. Get FREE MOVING QUOTE for best and cheap removals Penrith has to offer.

Cheap Removalists Penrith

Cheap Removalists Penrith

Our Moving Services

House Movers Penrith

House Movers Penrith

My Moovers caters to house moving solutions for any size move. We have specialised moving and furniture removal services organized based on a typical house size. Whether it be locally, to the country or interstate.

Office Movers Penrith

Office Movers Penrith

Forget the hassle of office relocation and allow our team of professional office movers to take charge. With years of office furniture removals, we will ensure a stress-free office relocation thus keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

Furniture Movers Penrith

Furniture Movers Penrith

Need to move or pick up a single piece of furniture but don’t have a truck? No need to worry anymore. Our cheap movers specialise in small moves. We can pick up and deliver single or multiple items from places like eBay, Gumtree and IKEA.

Movers and Packers Penrith

Movers and Packers Penrith

Leave the stress of packing and unpacking to the professional Penrith removals team! There are many choices out there to you depending upon the scale.

Secure service penrith

Secure Storage

My Moovers have secure, affordable, short and long term storage solutions available for your furniture and other belongings.

Moving supply store in Penrith

Moving Supplies

Browse our wide range of moving and packing supplies. Including removalist cartons, packaging materials, portarobes, and furniture protectors. Order online.

Why 2400 Families Have Chosen Us Each Year


20 + years in the moving industry. Our well planned, well-executed, and affordable services thus making us the most sought.

Small Truck

A moving truck fleet of multiple (tonne truck) sized vehicles to suit any size move.

Free quote

FREE quotes for in-home.

Full range of moving and packing supplies available for purchase.

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We are registered removalists. We comply with all legal and insurance policy requirements.

Friendly Staff

Our friendly staff will support you throughout the entire moving process. Our house movers are courteous, polite and hard working.

Furniture Protection

All furniture is protected throughout the move.


Dismantle and reassemble of furniture are all a part of standard removal service.

storage service

Storage service available at affordable rates


We guarantee the cheapest removal rates out of all removal companies.

My Moovers are the best & cheap Removalists in Australia. They can help streamline your removal process and offer a wide range of packing and moving supplies. My Moovers is a professional moving company that is committed to making the process of relocation extremely smooth and hassle-free for all our customers.

We are the trusted and cheap removalists based out of Penrith with a large fleet of trucks and an army of experienced removalists. They make sure that relocation is an absolutely safe, smooth and hassle-free experience for our clients.

Hire the moving company that is professional, efficient and affordable. Our dedicated staff has made us the #1 removalists for years running. If you are looking for a removalists company that provides the cheapest removals rates then get a quote today. Simply fill out the quote form and our expert will contact you.

Locally moving to the country or even Interstate is easy with the cheap and best removalist company, My Moovers!

My Moovers offer a full-service moving package for interstate moves with the same top quality service as our city moves. My Moovers assure you with the most effective interstate removalists Penrith services because we all know that moving can cause stress. By hiring our service, you can sit back and relax and have an easy-going and perfect move.

We offer affordable interstate removal packages and ensure that all your furniture and belongings are protected by using proper packing and protection during a long-distance move across the state.

Finding a reputable house removalist is challenging enough and finding the best cheap house removalists Penrith can even be tougher. The good news is that MyMoovers offer all the removalists Penrith services that you need at an affordable price.

Most companies offer a wide range of services but if you don’t need all of those. You can cut down on the price by packing your own boxes, but then again if you are strapped for time and you want to ensure that you won’t incur any injury and that all your personal effects will be packed neatly and securely, you will be better off hiring professional removalists.

We understand that office moves require a little extra care. Our office removalists are specially trained to handle even the toughest office removals.

My Moovers professional and dedicated staff will help you assemble and disassemble desks and other furniture. As professional office removalists, we can tell you that there is a world of difference between our services and amateur packing and moving.

My Moovers is a renowned local furniture removalists Company in Penrith, Australia. We own the best-in-class vehicles. We have the cheapest rates over all the reputable removalists services and we believe our friendly attitude and level of service are unmatched.

Furniture removalist one of the demanding industries among our competitors, so we are always providing quality and cheap furniture removalists services to prove our affordable industrial identification.

A Few Tips To Make A Smooth Move

With every big step in life, you need to start with setting up a budget. This can help you monitor the expenses and make sure that you don’t overspend.

Inventory in your entire home

Inventory Your Entire Home

For some people, it may not be possible to move all of your household items or belongings when relocating to another state. Take the time out to inventory your home and decide which items you would like to take with you and which ones you would leave behind or can even sell. Be sensible as the more you move the more money it will cost.



Decluttering your belongings is very important to cut down on moving costs. We all accumulate items over time that we forgot we had or have not used in a long time. Moving unnecessary items will only cost you more money to move. As a golden rule, if you don’t fit into it, have not used it for over 1 year then get rid of it. Take this time as a great time to declutter and organize your belongings.

Obtain Medical Records

Obtain Medical Records

Let’s not forget that moving to a new state or city would also mean having a new family physician! So, do not forget to obtain your own and your family’s medical records from the current doctor so that you can go ahead and register with a new physician after having relocated to the new state or city.

Transfer Utilities

Transfer Utilities

Your new home will not only have a brand new address but a number of utilities such as electricity, water, gas, phone service, cable TV, etc. You will, therefore, have to contact the proper utility company and schedule the disconnection or transfer of all your utilities. We advise contacting these companies a month in advance so you are not scrambling a few days before the move.

Change Your Address

Change Your Address and Cancel Any Services

Your address will be different the moment your moving day comes to an end. So, make sure that you change your address well in advance and have your mail redirected. Also, if you’ve placed an order (home delivery services), make sure that you cancel it.

Choose The Best Penrith Movers

When choosing a Mover, consider the below when finding the best Mover

Trustworthy removalists Penrith

Knowledgable and Trustworthy

As with many service industries, knowledge and experience are a key factor when you are trusting a company with your personal belongings. Always ensure you are checking reviews, asking family and friends for referrals and confirm they have been in the industry for a number of years. This will ensure you pick the right removalists for the job!

Relocation service Penrith

Relocation Services

All moving companies will offer a variety of services. Some will only move your items from point A to B, some will provide packing and unpacking services and some will be a full-service moving company that offers everything including storage solutions and delivers moving supplies to your door. When doing your research for a moving company in Penrith choose a removalist that offers the services that you require to save the hassle of having to use multiply companies.

Relocation cost in Penrith

Relocation Costs

Some people try to move themselves and yet it can work for some people it happens more often than not it ends up costing them more than a professional removalist and a lot more stress than need be. As some people think moving companies are too expensive they need to consider all the costs involved with moving yourself. With a little research, people tend to be pleasantly surprised by how affordable hiring a moving company can be. Moving companies also offer flat rates or hourly rates so determine which is better for your situation.

Moving and packing servce in Penrith

Moving & Packing Supplies

If you have made the decision to pack your own items, most reputable moving companies offer a wide variety of moving and packing supplies. These generally can be delivered right to your door and within a short time period. The companies that provide this service can also advise how many supplies you require with just a few easy questions over the phone. There are many specialty items that we recommend to protect your furniture, artwork, mattresses and more.

Moving day

Be Ready For Moving Day

Being well prepared and ready for moving day is critical for a smooth moving day. Have a moving To-Do list will help keep tasks organized and ensure everything gets done on time and not left to the last minute for forgotten.  If your items are not ready when the moving trucks arrive you may get charged extra for the added time the movers need to be at your house.

moving items insurence


We never anticipate an accident unfortunately however it can happen. This is why you need to ensure your removalists have proper liability insurance and understand what is covered and what is not covered. We also advise contacting your own insurance company to understand if your personal insurance will cover any mishaps.

Friendly staff

Friendly Staff

When trusting your valuable belongings you also want to make sure that the moving company has friendly and helpful staff. Your first interaction will always give you a good indication if the removalists will be easy to work with. Questions always arise and if you hire a moving company that doesn’t answer your concerns and questions it can lead to a stressful moving day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use My Moovers FAQs to help answer any questions you may have during your removals process. Our FAQs are designed to answer the most common questions our customers have when moving. From the pre-move planning through the packing process, the FAQs are here to help you during your relocation.

Removalists in Penrith are busiest during the summer months. If you can move outside of the summer season, you will likely be able to have more flexibility in your move dates. When scheduling your move, try to be flexible with your move dates, if possible. Remember, by staying flexible, you can make your move a little less stressful and cheaper.

Ideally, begin your move 8 – 10 weeks outside of your desired move date. If this is not possible, try to allow as much time as possible in between scheduling your estimates and the day you want to move. Decide which movers in Penrith you are going to use at least 4 – 6 weeks from the move date, then call the movers to confirm your booking and schedule your packing, loading and delivery dates. You can shorten this time frame if moving is in the off-peak season.

Our morning slot commences with arrival onsite between 7-8 am and pending our moving schedule we do offer an afternoon moving slot which requires some flexibility but usually 1-2 pm arrival which is suited to smaller removals.

Our morning slot commences with arrival onsite between 7-8 am and pending our moving schedule we do offer an afternoon moving slot which requires some flexibility but usually 1-2 pm arrival which is suited to smaller removals.

All of your furniture during moving is going to be wrapped in heavy-duty blankets. We also have custom made plastic protectors for dining chairs, lounge suites and different sized mattresses for purchase.

If your moving date changes, you should inform your Penrith removalists as soon as you know.

Yes, whether it be one room or your entire house or office, our removalist team is experienced professionals to pack your valuables.

We offer free in-home estimates upon a customer request. One of our customer service representatives will visit you home and make an accurate inventory of the things that require to be moved. These in-home estimates can provide a more accurate moving quote.

Yes, removal estimates are free and the customer is under no obligation to accept the quote. You can also use our online estimator for rates and to book your local or long-distance move.

Since most plants are fragile, delicate, and temperatures can often affect the plant’s well-being, we suggest that you move your plants in your own vehicle so they can be better secured and in a temperature-controlled area. However, if your plants are too big for your vehicle, we will load them onto the truck and secure them as best as possible.

Pets can often become uneasy or stressed during the moving process, so it is best to remove your pet(s) from the house and find a familiar home for them to stay during the moving day.

Not a problem at all, just give our Penrith removalists a call, and they will arrange a new date and time that suits you.


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Perth Removalists Quote Icon

Virender Singh and Vikram Singh both of these guys were amazing to have to help me move. could not have asked for better movers. Careful. No damage 10/10 !! Cheers. Good removals company in Perth, have smooth moving processes.

Mary Zoros

Perth Removalists Quote Icon

Rammy and Gurleen Singh were very efficient and friendly. Great work, excellent service. Will definitely use them again, Thanks for the great work!!! Highly recommend! Cheap movers in Perth and have good customer service.


Perth Removalists Quote Icon

Quick move! Friendly, prompt service. Been with his mate, but this is the best one!! These two folks are very much recommended. Best moving company in Perth. Have good exp in moving house and office. Superb!

Sally Waltz

Perth Removalists Quote Icon

These guys Jeevan and Rupesh. Excellent job with the guys the helped me with moving my stuff out of the apartment. Very friendly and professional staff! Absolutely recommend and very efficient and easy to talk to! Very good furniture mover.


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My Moovers – Removalists Penrith
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 3 reviews
by Allan and Melissa on My Moovers – Removalists Penrith

Harry and Paul were punctual and professional. A great service and very reasonably priced. The move involved some tricky stairs, and the guys handled it all really well and even put protective padding on the railings and padding on my furniture. Overall very pleased with the My Moovers moving service.

by Johnthan on My Moovers – Removalists Penrith

The moving job was very quick, only a 1 bedroom flat on the main floor to a storage unit. The 2 guys were so friendly. The cost of the move was very reasonable and was what they had quoted me. I would definitely book them again.

by Scott on My Moovers – Removalists Penrith

We moved a full 5 bedroom house in one day. The guys were polite, worked very hard and found a way to move the big, heavy, awkward furniture. No scratches or breaks to anything. A great moving experience by My Moovers.