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Everything You Need To Know About Moving

Everything You Need To Know About Moving

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With the number of scam ‘packers and movers’ on the rise, you have to be extra careful while choosing a relocation service for yourself. Here, we have listed a few tips that can help you find the best moving company:

A certified company

Always hire a certified company as they have been recognized and accredited. They come with a workforce who is dedicated, experienced and trustworthy, thereby making your ‘move’ absolutely hassle-free and secure.

Good reviews about company services

Good reviews are indicative of good services and happy customers. So, make sure that you check for reviews on Google and other sites before zeroing on a moving company. Also, make a note of ‘word of mouth’ recommendations from family and friends. You can easily ignore a few negative reviews but if there’s a ton of bad reviews, better think twice!

Payment after delivery

Watch out for companies who demand entire fees in advance – there are high chances of them being fraudulent! So, always make sure that you make the payment after your things have been delivered to the desired location. Do not hire a company that demands 100% upfront fees.


You would not want to deal with someone who is unprofessional and rude and therefore this makes it to our list. Also, if the shifting company does not have a business email, a business address, visiting cards (the essentials), it might be a possibility that they may not be a licensed company as well. So, look out for these red flags or signs when you’re in the process of hiring a relocation service. Companies such as My Moovers are known for their professionalism and friendly behaviour.

An insured moving company

Check whether a particular company is insured or not. A company which is insured would be able to pay the customers back if anything were to go wrong.

Provides a bill of lading

Until and unless the moving company in Melbourne provides you with a bill of lading, do not hand over your possessions to them. Before the company/service provider can load your goods to the truck, it is advisable that you obtain the bill from them.

Thus, if you follow the aforementioned tips, you can be assured of a smooth relocation.

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