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The Ultimate Moving Checklist – Furniture Removals

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Put all your moving worries to rest because the best Furniture removals, My Moovers, bring for you the ultimate moving checklist. If you manage to nail the checklist, your moving experience is guaranteed to be a breeze! So, what are you waiting for? Ready, steady, read!!!

8 weeks before you move:

  • Store quotes, receipts, and records related to your move on a file/folder on Google drive. For instance, how much My Moovers, the best Furniture removals are quoting you? You might not remember all the details. So, saving them in a document for easy reference is a good idea.
  • Set a moving budget. This would help you monitor your expenses.
  • It is better that you plan to leave in advance for your moving day. If you can, move on a Friday. That gives you the weekend to relax and rejuvenate yourself to be able to work on Monday again!
  • Choose a school for your kids in the city that you are relocating to. Regardless of how far you are moving, the new school would need transcripts of your child, so request the old school to provide you with the necessary documents.
  • To get rid of unwanted stuff, organize a moving (garage/yard) sale. Donating to charity is also a good option.
  • Moving fragile or unusual items such as pianos, fine art, pool tables, etc can be arduous and tiring. But, if you have furniture removals such as My Moovers at your service, then be assured of a smooth ‘moving’ process.

6 weeks before you move:

  • Take some time out for friends and family before the moving day. Something as simple as throwing a dinner party can help you create some last memories in your current home.
  • My Moovers has a range of box and packing supplies such as cartons, portarobes and packing tapes to help you pack to perfection!
  • Before your belongings could go on the moving truck, you should create an inventory sheet of all your valuables.
  • Mark boxes that are fragile. You would not want textbooks stacked on top of your grandmother’s china!!
  • Taking pictures of all your electronics before unplugging them is a good way to jog your memory when you’re reconnecting things such as your TV or stereo!
  • Place all your hardware in labelled bags so that the furniture can be easily reassembled later.
  • If there are any minor home repairs pending, get them done for this could decide whether you would get your security amount back or not, especially if you live in an apartment.
  • If you’re moving interstate, then, you should have your vehicles serviced. You wouldn’t want to deal with a breakdown in the middle of the move!
  • Research your new neighbourhood/community to find shared interests. Look out for the best eateries and hangout spots to prepare yourself for life in the new city.

4 weeks before you move:

  • You may need a ‘parking’ permit for your moving day, so confirm parking options for your moving truck.
  • All financial and legal records should be gathered in one place.
  • Collect the birth certificates and passports for every member of your family.
  • Return the books you borrowed from the library.
  • Compile all the medical records for everyone in your home and find a new doctor in your new neighbourhood.
  • Make sure that your voter registration is updated.

2 weeks before you move:

  • Corrosive, flammables or poisonous items should be disposed of.
  • Back up your computer. If anything were to go wrong, you’d be thankful that all your data was saved.
  • If you have little children, then hiring a babysitter is a good idea to keep them safe during the move.
  • Get your address changed with loan providers, credit cards, banks and the payroll department at work.
  • Have your membership at the gym, yoga studio, Crossfit facility, etc cancelled or transferred.
  • Get your utilities such as water, electricity and natural gas transferred.
  • Make sure that you clean your home for the next resident.
  • Unplug your fridge and freezer so that it can defrost the night before. Don’t forget to lay a towel in front of it to absorb any water that leaks.
  • Oil and gas from grills, heaters, lawnmowers and snow blowers should be emptied.
  • All the water should be drained out from your washing machine and ice maker.

With 20 years of experience as professional removalists VIC, My Moovers are skilled at handling all kinds of moves. Owing to our expertise, commitment, and dedication to our work, we have consistently ranked as one of the best relocation services in Melbourne. We hope to continue to provide our clients with the most hassle-free moving experience possible.

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